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Exercise One (3-6 FFA)
Comments (12) Go to top of page  
GlassMan’s first Quake DM is as visually impressive as his first SP map. Sharing some elements from the latter hasn’t done this map any harm. The map is spread over two gratuitously sized circular atriums. Its reach is further extended by selection of smaller atriums and corridors. Surprisingly r_speeds only creep over the 700 mark in a couple of spots, which is impressive given the open nature of the large atriums.

The level of detail is very high, from chunky support beams that rise up through the floors (nice touch I thought) to the circular underwater tunnels. In fact most parts have some kind of curve or slant to them. This is mixed together with the mkoxide texture set from the ever jolly Lunaran. Things are further enhanced with the lighting. There is a heck of a lot of spotlights, strip lights and wall mounted lights giving off a nice smooth glow.

Play is also suitably gratuitous. The sizable layout does mean you need a few friends to help you play, whether they be real or bots. I only found one spot where the bots weren’t happy which is impressive given the ground they have to cover. A lot of time was spent in the lower sections of the map, especially around the slime surrounded RL, as people flowed down towards it. Movement is helped by various teleporters, and lifts are nowhere in sight, opting for the much faster trigger_push method.

Powers up such as the Ring of Shadows and Quad are tucked away. They’re certainly not hard to reach, but do require you to go out of your way. The same is true for RA, which is placed on the far backside of one of the atriums. Not that it is really needed, health is in plentiful supply and the other two pieces of armour are placed in more readily accessible areas.

The combination of the large playing area and epic architecture mixes together to make something that’s a real joy to play. Definitely one of my faves.


Download Here (622Kb)
Author Site
Reviewed : 04/02/2002

#1 You rule!
by Nekroe 04/02/2002 - 19:51:50 (
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'nuff sed

#2 eibbig ate the title
by eibbig 05/02/2002 - 04:20:05 (
Go to top of page  
yep this level is def 5/5!!

#3 Great work!
by BendePapi 05/02/2002 - 04:49:33 (
Go to top of page  
Brilliant! Go on this way!

#4 Thank you..
by GlassMan 05/02/2002 - 12:00:34 (
Go to top of page  
..for the review Paul & the very nice score :)

The bot issue you mentioned I think is that the omibots like to jump down to the biosuit on the little platform in the side room & then unfortunately refuse to they won't go in the slime. This is an annoying 'bug' which I tried to fix in a bot-friendly version of the map which replaced the slime with water. Unfortunately they then discovered they loved swimming & provided even easier frags :-/

#5 Finally...
by xen 05/02/2002 - 12:21:24 (
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...that Piece-of-Shite halloween map is knocked of the top of the best maps list. GG Glassman :)

#6 Superb
by v1m 06/02/2002 - 00:42:53 (
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Play is thoroughly enjoyable, a bit of a surprise since I usually prefer up close action on the order of Bless to Kill. But this is really splendid, the verticle play especially. The style resembles one of Trebz' classic Q2 maps -- works very well here. Look forward to more.

#7 Gom Jabbar ate the title
by Gom Jabbar 06/02/2002 - 06:33:09 (
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Uhm, well, what to say...
What about: This map is a real beauty?

Yeah, I think that sums it up... ;)

#8 totally sweet...
by Drannerz 06/02/2002 - 06:54:11 (
Go to top of page  
When I looked around this map I doubted it would play that well, something about the geometry/layout looked wrong.
But it goes to show just how much of a humungous fucking idiot I am...this map rocked. Very sweet, GlassMan.

#9 Dranz
by xen 06/02/2002 - 16:03:38 (
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"The combination of the large playing area and epic architecture mixes together to make something that’s a real joy to play..."

Finish dranzdm7 now, b|0tch!

#10 Wow!
by Austin 07/02/2002 - 17:39:07 (
Go to top of page  
Glassman, you make me feel like giving up on map creating, WELL DONE dude! I'm kinda back now to map creating, I'm just right now adding a little to ABCool3, but looking at this has made me wonder why I should bother, I will continue though, even if it is just for my friends enjoyment. Also Glassman, if you wouldn't mind helping me a little then that'd be great, you can contact me by...

AOL: tiger_chiken
MSN: [email protected]
ICQ: 113270980
EMAIL: [email protected]

and I'm also gonna ask you Drannerz to give me a little help like you offered last time (I attached my map to my email last time, and nearly and filled his email space (lol!)), I'm going to upload it once I'm done with what I've got so far and email you both a download link, just to see if either of you like the start of it and if you can advise me on anything. Another thing, Drannerz, do you have ABCool 1 at all? because I lost it and would like to look at how lame I was at making maps, heehee. Thanks for keeping me entertained for an hour Glassman, and I've got all tommorow to do some more adjustments to the map (because I got accused of handling mercury when a friend did, so we're both suspended(I had to go to hospital!!)), and otherwise the time will be wasted.

Glad to be back here at last.


#11 Austin:
by xen 08/02/2002 - 08:11:46 ( Refers to post #10
Go to top of page  
I'd happily help you out with Abcool3; even if it's only to the extent of telling how to improve overall design for future levels. I remember playing an early version of it ages ago. Don't have the file any more, but my email's linked on my nick above; send it over when you want.

#12 mr.k doesn't like titles
by mr.k 19/03/2002 - 22:18:29 (
Go to top of page  
Impressive work.

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