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The Butt (or 2 to 4)
Comments (6) Go to top of page  
Parboil returns with Butt! An overly bright map which although simple design wise, still looks nice. Lighting is sourced well although the sky does provide most of it, with streams of cool spotlight style beams of light coming from interlaced roof supports.

The map also has quite a good layout, a nice double layered main atrium and dead end areas where you can get red armour or megahealth. The Quad is nicely positioned at the top of the main atrium where it is best I think.

So with all the things needed for a good deathmatch game, why doesn't "Butt" feel "right"? Don't get me wrong, it is a very fun map to play, with some great rocket duels in the main atrium, and grenades pouring in from above, its certainly very hectic around here. But there is just that little "something" missing from the map that I cant put my finger on...

There is however a small problem with telefragging believe it or not. With a medium sized map such as this, 4 players should have been no problem, but quite often I was telefragged myself or I telefragged someone else when I respawned! Lack of DM starts maybe or maybe all the starts are in hectic places, but be more careful next time parboil!

So overall my favourite parboiL map to date, this guy is definately getting better, just add some more detail to your maps! :)


Download Here (267Kb)
Author Site
Reviewed : 25/09/2001

#1 [email protected] couldn't be arsed with a title
by [email protected] 25/09/2001 - 07:58:15 (
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"But there is just that little "something" missing from the map that I cant put my finger on... "

What a useful, helpful comment towards the author! :)

And yeah, its probably the best i've seen so far from this guy, looks-wise.

#2 It looks like.......
by assman 25/09/2001 - 22:04:02 (
Go to top of page  
Dude, this thing looks like a giant asshole!!!!

#4 BUTT!!
by LuciferKaminski 26/09/2001 - 06:43:07 (
Go to top of page  
This map rocks!

well, not much, but is really fun to play.

#5 the (_|_)
by Fr3n 13/10/2001 - 03:41:35 (
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this map looks really nice! I think I need to make one more map just to include an easter egg of puny girly bare-chested scampie, maybe I'll rip off this entire stylee in SP. :D I just need a title

castle of the butt, the necrobutt, the wizard's butt, underbutt, satan's dark butt, elder butt shrine, place of two butts, the butt zone, return to butt, ambush butt pilgrims, permutations of the butt, butt's cold touch, stronghold of the butturds, for my butt #12, butt of spikes, jackbutt hero, buttward's compatible, the cobutt palace, operation butt majik, markhusbütt

or maybe just "the sewage system"

#6 Garunga!
by DaZ 27/10/2001 - 15:39:28 (
Go to top of page  
* DaZ Slaps fr3n with an ingrowing nipple

#7 neo doesn't like titles
by neo 06/11/2001 - 12:00:27 (
Go to top of page  
i want to play on some server

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