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HERESY (2 to 6 FFA)
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The relapse into q3 based maps continues with this spookily accurate similar conversion of q3dm7. The scaling is a little out of whack when compared to the original and some areas have been jigged about because of that. It isn't as airy and spacious and in certain areas very cramped, which is a pity. The brushwork can't really be faulted and goes well with the texture set. The texturing however edges more towards the grey side than being completely faithful and a lot of the original detail and colour is lost. Some of the architectural flourishes are also missing, but those can't be expected to be recreated here.

The downsize in scale has effected how the map plays. I felt that I was being buffeted about through some of corridors and even in the outdoor areas there isn't much room for movement. Item placement is fairly similar to the original as I recollect, so if you've played that you should no problems here getting up to speed. If you haven't, it'll be a bit disorientating at first as you get your bearings since some sections look similar. The map does spread out a bit so a few peeps are needed to make it worthwhile. Teamplay would most likely work given the item placement and tight layout.


Download Here (737Kb)
Dr.Shoe aka Björn Schuster
Reviewed : 23/09/2001

#1 hmmm
by Asriel 25/09/2001 - 07:27:21 (
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I never really did like that level (in q3).
because i was loosing, to a bot? mebbe

#2 [email protected] ate the title
by [email protected] 25/09/2001 - 07:54:25 (
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Not much point giving feedback now since he released a map after this ages ago :)

#3 arg....
by [email protected] 25/09/2001 - 15:08:53 (
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i had a go rebuilding q3dm7 from scratch myself too, and i reckon this guy could hav made a bit more of an effort in the detailing,
but otherwise it plays ok i guess...

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