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MisDM11 - Gibbage (1-on-bots)
Comments (3) Go to top of page  
Three for the price of one this time as Misyu has taken misdm11 and done three distinctly different textured versions. Aztec, Egyptian and Frozen ala Qurnel's Somewhere in the North. My fav is the frozen style map simply because it's a fairly underused texture set and seems to have a bit more detail. Misyu hasn't just done a paint job on the three maps though, each has subtly different architecture from the Aztec map having a large castle like tower overhanging the main outdoor section to the Egyptian map having the same towers but with pyramids on top. Lighting seems different with the Egyptian map being brighter and the other two maps seem more grim and dark, or it might just be the different textures make it seem lighter.

Arguably the Aztec map makes play more interesting due to the pool of water surrounding the RL that gives an aural clue as to your opponent's whereabouts. Other than that the item placement is identical (I think, didn't check but from playing I didn't notice anything obvious).

It's a fairly small map with a rectangular ring for the ground floor and a J shaped layout for the first floor. There are a couple of teleporters on the ground floor which drop you off to the far ends of the upper level, whilst the third is situated on the top floor and simply returns you to one of the other teleporters. Play is pretty brutal and on a couple of occasions I was being turfed about all over the place, landing on the rocky outcrops to the up most sections of architecture due to the close quarters rocket fire. It's a real blast to play.

Finally this week's mystery message is located on the tower section in the outdoor area and is "Aztec/Egyptian/Frozen Gibbage" depending on the map loaded.


Download Here (720Kb)
Author Site
Reviewed : 14/05/2001

#1 me like
by DaZ 15/05/2001 - 05:54:02 (
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Great map(s) this/these. My favourite was the aztec one. Dunno why but it appealed more than the other two, even tho the frozewn one looks better :)

Great for 1-on-1...

#2 Nah...
by XeNoN 23/05/2001 - 13:14:39 (
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The egypgian one pw33n3d. The aztec was too dull and the frozen... too dark in places.


#3 *cream*
by Electro 08/02/2002 - 03:20:15 (
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there should be a law on making so many good maps so quickly ;)

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