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Claustrophobopolis 3 (1on1 or 2on2)
Comments (5) Go to top of page  
I have to admit DM2 was never one of my favourite maps, as it had far, far too many traps to fall or get crunched in. Fortunately, this map only has one, which the Omis love to bits.

The design is very plain - square chambers coated with yards of id metal walls, rust-coloured floors and lava pits (some open), along with a few decorative demon heads, windows and runes - although the arrow-head ones don't point to anything, please note. Upper levels are adorned with metal support ribs. Most of the connection is done along one side of the map.

Gameplay is actually quite hairy. Power tools are parked in tight corners near the action stations (as well as in the middle of corridors), and armour and health seem scarce - and usually placed on the far side of a firefight! There is a megahealth you have to rocket-jump to above a narrow stairway and a red armour on a platform you also must RJ to over one of the main kill zones (though I never seemed to make it.)

So there it is: dull to look at, bot unfriendly, and gunplay fast and furious.

Fat Controller

Download Here (245Kb)
Shozan Ando
Author Site
Reviewed : 20/04/2001

#1 so give it a 1
by XeNoN 20/04/2001 - 13:56:43 (
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go on, you know you want to :)

#2 aegd
by skleros 22/04/2001 - 04:59:44 (
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Acctually I thought this map was pretty cool, played quite well.

And NO you newbie, you dont have to RJ to reach the RA, just simply slopejump from the shaft.

No map should be judged on bot play, it isn't fair to either parts.

Take care, Skleros

#3 Erm
by Asriel 04/05/2001 - 04:09:07 (
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Fatty's a newbie?

#4 re : Erm
by Paul 04/05/2001 - 16:50:43 ( Refers to post #3
Go to top of page  
I was thinking the same thing Asriel. I think skleros is a little confused there.

#5 well...
by skleros 05/05/2001 - 06:08:36 (
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I didn't mean it as an insult, I mean I managed to figure out that jump after playing the map for 5 mins, and he has done a review of it and should have played it to some degree?

Although I agree that the stupid trap, somewhat destroys the map.

I am not confused, am I ? :))))

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