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Jvdm2 (2 or 3)
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DM4 inspired map. The central hub of the map is a deformed octagon chamber that dips downwards into a lava filled area with a T shaped walkway over it. This leads off into a series of rectangle shaped rooms that are connected via lots and lots of stairs.

Lighting is somewhat subdued and partially revives the map. Unfortunately build quality is lacking in some areas with untidy joins between walls and railings, although to be fair the author has cleverly bathed these areas in darkness as to make them less obvious to spot. There are few obvious texture misalignments such as the player spawn pads.

Item placement isn't bad. Most items are in the path of movement making pickup easy. The MH is well placed with it being tucked in a darkened alcove accessible via rjump or by tiptoeing along a thin wall rail.

It's not bad to play when duelling. There were plenty of long-range rocket attacks out in the open, whilst it's cramped and painful indoors as you negotiate the rooms and tight corridors.


Download Here (224Kb)
Author Site
Reviewed : 14/05/2001

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