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The Gloomy Lab (2-4)
Comments (14) Go to top of page  
Why? Just WHY do people submit maps like this? Don't they read the reviews of bad maps, haven't they seen screenshots of really bad maps? Well obvously Kronzor_2000 hasn't, otherwise he/she wouldn't have submitted this "thing"...

What we have here ladies and gentlemen is a glorified boxmap. One room with various walls jutting out of the sides to create a little maze like arena. the only deviation from this "box" is a small corridor in one side with two rocket launchers in it, one at each end. Lighting is not fullbright, pretty much the opposite with almost complete blackness in the main area, the little corridor is a lot lighter though...

Gameplay is pretty much non-existant as you just cannot see your opponent thanks to the lack of light, the map is completely un-balanced in terms of item placement as well due to the fact that there are only rocket launchers on the map ( unless you count the exploding box as a weapon ) and they are placed randomly at best...

Give this one a miss...


Download Here (40Kb)
Author Site
Reviewed : 02/05/2001

#1 The score is unfair
by Fern 02/05/2001 - 15:40:19 (
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To all the other maps. It's too high. The author says "I know this map is pretty crap" so I don't feel guilty about agreeing :P

#2 Fern.
by Scampie 02/05/2001 - 18:25:21 (
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Stop posting and start retiring

#3 Great map
by XeNoN 03/05/2001 - 15:57:55 (
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Excellent job. Now make one designed for being played in a computer game.

#4 shessh
by Quest 04/05/2001 - 03:22:10 (
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Why? Just WHY do people review maps like this? why Don't they write the reviews of good maps? haven't they seen screenshots of really good maps?

(Quest try's to give subtle hint that hes sick of MPQ's affair with crap maps)

#5 Quest...
by XeNoN 04/05/2001 - 16:58:03 ( Refers to post #4
Go to top of page  
*why Don't they write the reviews of good maps? haven't they seen screenshots of really good maps?*


#6 do i need one of these?
by Quest 06/05/2001 - 05:57:23 (
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It was a paradox(?) of the first sentance of the review. i didnt actualy mean it.

#7 big words...
by Drannerz 06/05/2001 - 10:34:39 (
Go to top of page  
er...paradox? I don't think you mean that.

#8 Spellchecker
by StarBUCK 06/05/2001 - 11:07:05 (
Go to top of page  
i think he means parallax...
or pair of tights :)

#9 the Happy-go-colorful lab
by Quest 07/05/2001 - 03:25:55 (
Go to top of page  
now i think of it, Parody, i believe is the word i was looking for. (as much as i do like tights)

#10 true
by Drannerz 09/05/2001 - 08:23:48 (
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#11 Paraphrase
by Tef 18/05/2001 - 06:48:20 (
Go to top of page  
...was the word I believe he meant.

#12 Hey, I just played this map and it sucks
by XeNoN 08/06/2001 - 15:33:27 (
Go to top of page  
0.5 is SOOOOOO over-rated...

#13 eey
by =p 27/07/2001 - 07:09:27 ( Refers to post #6
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#14 WOW......
by Spikedog_woof 16/02/2002 - 19:26:43 (
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Have you people even played this map ??? its the best map ever ive had endless fun running up and down the 'too dark room' you people just cant see a good map when you see one !!!!!

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