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MBDM01 (2 to 4)
Comments (13) Go to top of page  
OK, so we have something that reminds me of DM1, but not as decrepit nor as well supplied with eye candy. Consists of a two-level dungeon with a few arched columns and recesses, some floors have recessed metal plates in them too. Lighting, while varied, isn't sourced properly which detracts quite a bit.

The problem is that the map is basically monochromatic: the roof and walls are all done in the same brownish block texture and the floor is a very similar tex as well. This makes the map look fairly plain, except for one hall that has a thin trough of lava in the floor and a plinth with the megahealth on it in an intersection.

The weapons load consists of one of everything, with the Thunderbolt some distance away above the yellow armour in what I can only describe as a "chill zone" outside the main fighting area.

There is a Quad up above the red armour; you get this by shooting a hidden button and riding a lift up into the teleporter in the ceiling. As it's in the main fighting area it's an interesting ride.

But in the end what we have here is basically a bland killing zone with little staying power. If MutantBunny had spent a bit more time adding a few details (eg. light sources) to offset the endless expanses of brick, it could have been better.

Fat Controller

Download Here (109Kb)
Björn [MutantBunny ] Sjöström
Author Site
Reviewed : 12/03/2001

#1 why did you review this map anyway???
by MutantBunny 12/03/2001 - 13:46:12 (
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Do you really have enough time on your hands to review maps that wern't even submitted to your site? I already knew this map wern't verry good... Couldn't you have taken a look at my other submitted map Intergalactic Hairdryer instead?

#2 Dithyramb couldn't be arsed with a title
by Dithyramb 12/03/2001 - 13:57:01 (
Go to top of page  
Yes, this I know this was one of Mutantbunny's first maps, and was not intended for review. I pointed out for him that the texturing wasn't good, but since it was not supposed to be reviewed... why care?

#4 You ungrateful twat
by Paul 12/03/2001 - 16:21:28 ( Refers to post #1
Go to top of page  
Maybe if your map, "Intergalactic Hairdryer", was actually downloadable then it would have been reviewed. But don't let that bother you!

#5 .
by Shambler 12/03/2001 - 16:36:49 (
Go to top of page  
If a map is publicly available, it's available to review. Anyone can opine on it or write a review on it.

#6 hmm
by Scampie 12/03/2001 - 16:55:24 (
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A nice map for a first map.

a bit more work on devoloping the theme and execution, this would have been quite nice. and widening the halls a bit. was a bit too cramped.

#7 Intergalactic Hairdryer
by MutantBunny 12/03/2001 - 17:51:22 (
Go to top of page  
I belive that is about the tenth time i fixet that f**kin' link anyway now "Intergalactic" should be availible for download....

#8 Still not working
by Paul 13/03/2001 - 05:22:05 ( Refers to post #7
Go to top of page  
Can you email me it and I'll then upload it to MPQ. Thanks.

#9 Nice map :)
by Fern 15/03/2001 - 01:23:39 (
Go to top of page  
Nice for a first map. With the way things are going here I'll be lucky if my fourth map comes out like this. hehe. I didn't mind the scale of the halls at all, actually. The layout is really effective. Although the LG is almost useless on its own, players will need to keep tabs on it because anyone who is careless and lets someone get quadded lightning will pay dearly :)

BTW, you can also get the Quad with a RJ into the teleporter from at least two places or a very careful RJ directly to the platform, I found all three preferable to riding the lift, but that's just me :)

#10 Grahf doesn't like titles
by Grahf 18/03/2001 - 14:19:11 (
Go to top of page  
Simmer down now, kids.

I think it looks pretty atmospheric actually. Maybe a good base for a sp map...

#11 rediff
by Dithyramb 24/03/2001 - 11:52:42 (
Go to top of page  
Yes, Rediff does indeed suck.

#12 I see it clear...
by Nepra 01/04/2001 - 09:44:16 (
Go to top of page  
I can see direct that its the old BLOOD map that we have here.. hehe...
its a nice copy of it.... its named humm... CLICK in blood1


#13 ?
by MutantBunny 01/04/2001 - 18:30:10 ( Refers to post #12
Go to top of page  
copy? what? what map?
I seriously don't know what your talking about. If this looks like any other map it's entirely a coincidence

#14 whaaaaaaaaaaattttttt
by bramabull 29/04/2001 - 01:38:32 (
Go to top of page  
do you smeell what the bull is cooking

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