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Pipeline (1 on 1)
Comments (17) Go to top of page  
Pipeline is one of ParboiL's better looking maps with some nice looking if not particulary detailed tunnels. The map has a very large open lyaout that encourages bunnyhopping and generally boosting yourself around. Lighting is functional but not good looking with no areas that stand out or are pitch black.

Gameplay is mainly long range rocket fighting with a few grenades thrown into the mix, if you like that kinda thing then you should download this and have a game, but if you are looking for a more strategic game then look elsewhere...

item placement is good overall but there are a few glaring mistakes in it, the grenade launcher and rocket launcher are pretty much stationed right next to each other, as are the green and red armours, making the map very easy to control. Apart from that the weapons and ammo are nicely placed and Quad damage on the upper level adds a little spice to the mix.


Download Here (173Kb)
Author Site
Reviewed : 18/05/2001

#1 Nothin' to do with this map.......
by Austin 18/05/2001 - 06:15:06 (
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Hi, I'm back, the creator of ABCool, sorry it bummed, I'm not doing much mapping now without inspiration, I have made 2 more maps, called ABCool2 (took 6 hours) and Sniper (For TF and took 3 hours), both are not up to par, but they were for me and my friends, so I'm not going to submit them. I'm in the process of ABCool3, its been in progress for about 2 weeks now, so I am learning to add detail rather than build blocks and put other blocks inside and call it a deathmatch. That'll probably me released onto here in the near future. One thing that suprises me is that my friends like Sniper, and I don't mean I ask them and they say "Yes", we talk about a game of TF and they ask to play Sniper, instead of 2fort5r or 2fort5. The Sniper map is basically 4 castles on a 8 sided room, its pitch black except for the centre and the castles, so you can pear into the darkness to shoot others, and its a very effective map, I'm going to upload it to my site now, so if anyone wishes to comment on it, they may, or even comment on ABCool2. (site is ) I hope to have ABCool3 here in the near future.

Bye for now,


#2 1
by Mal 19/05/2001 - 17:44:22 (
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There are places for comments like that.

thank you.

#3 Beta testers...
by Drannerz 22/05/2001 - 07:03:52 ( Refers to post #1
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Austin...Before you release ABCool3 get some people to beta test it for you. I'll give it a once over if ya want.

#4 Hmm...
by Raptore 22/05/2001 - 22:04:11 ( Refers to post #1
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I didn't know people advertised their own maps on here...

#5 They shouldn't....
by DaZ 23/05/2001 - 13:33:28 (
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But I hath not the power to delete posts.
Anyway Austin has taken his business to Qmap so end of story :) What about the reviewed map though! Going a little off topic here :)

#6 Since when have these posts been...
by Paul 24/05/2001 - 04:34:39 ( Refers to post #5
Go to top of page  
...on topic :). Austin could have just made his post on one of the news items but nevermind.

As for the map. Very repetitive textures and I wasn't too keen on the layout. Its also got the worlds longest dead-end corridor (i.e. : underneath the walkway in the first screenie).

#7 MutantBunny couldn't be arsed with a title
by MutantBunny 24/05/2001 - 08:09:15 (
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I likr the texturing of the top levels of the map, but on the lower levels they looked a bit strange and boring (like my maps =) havn't had time to try it yet so I won't say anything about how it plays...

and.. Austin, I downloaded the abcool3 beta from yuor homepage, maybee you should consider working a bit with the texture application tool....

#8 no
by XeNoN 24/05/2001 - 13:57:05 (
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"Its also got the worlds longest dead-end corridor (i.e. : underneath the walkway in the first screenie)."

It's not technically a deadend, you can slopejump up the side...

#9 StarBUCK couldn't be feckarsed with a feckin title
by StarBUCK 24/05/2001 - 16:22:11 (
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Its playable enough, but its a bit boring isnt it?
more dynamic lighting would improve the
level too next time round.

#10 Drannerz sez...
by Drannerz 26/05/2001 - 10:45:51 (
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...looks brown

#11 and brown is....
by Asriel 01/06/2001 - 01:46:27 ( Refers to post #10
Go to top of page  
the colour of shit


i havnt played the map though

#12 I haven't played it either...
by Drannerz 01/06/2001 - 09:41:39 ( Refers to post #11
Go to top of page  
...but I have a feeling Asriel may be right

#13 like...
by XeNoN 01/06/2001 - 13:23:18 (
Go to top of page  
I've NEVER seen a brown quake level before...

#14 MutantBunny ate the title
by MutantBunny 02/06/2001 - 08:36:57 ( Refers to post #13
Go to top of page  
a pink quake level on the other hand, that would surely be something =)

#15 Jaj is afraid of typing too much
by Jaj 10/06/2001 - 11:14:27 (
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There is an awesome map called "Brown"...and it's brown hehe...
It was reviewed here :)

#16 Jaj doesn't like titles
by Jaj 10/06/2001 - 11:23:09 (
Go to top of page  
Hey, it's here:

#17 Proper link
by Paul 11/06/2001 - 14:44:42 ( Refers to post #16
Go to top of page  
Brown Stuff. Nice map :).

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