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Tormentor (4-8)
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Thankfully Dr.Shoe has definitely learnt a lesson from his previous map and made this rather cool looking piece. You'd actually have to think twice about that fact that this map was made by same person who created Hero´s Keep! The only thing that's been carried over from the previous map are the naff jump pad textures. Other than that everything has stepped up a level and it has a fairly large spread layout that is very flat.

The theme is a bit of a mix. Mostly high tech/Quake 2 style that borrows from various sources. I'm a little unsure of the grey brickwork in the lower section containing the Quad since its not particularly fitting with the rest of the maps styling. There are also a few problems with getting around the map. The arches around the doorways could have done with either better clipping or being func_illusionary because they are pretty easy to get snagged on. It is also a bit awkward in some spots when it comes to movement. Some bits seem barely player wide (as an example the upper floor, again, in the Quad area).

The level of detail in the architecture is fairly high. The upper walls in the two main outdoor areas have some sharply angled grills and the light casts off them very nicely to give a variation in shadows from light to dark.

Once you get out in the open it's a cool map to play. There are tons of items scattered about the map. One room alone has 2 YA's, a MH, 40 rockets, over 200 nails and 4 health packs... and a GL and SNG. Being tooled up really isn't a problem. The map can support 4 easily, and even 8, as it is more geared towards pure FFA because of the abundance of items.


Download Here (459Kb)
Omicron Bot Route File
Dr.Shoe aka Björn Schuster
Reviewed : 25/03/2001

#4 OmiBot Route Available!!
by Dr.Shoe 25/04/2001 - 05:23:17 (
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Thank you for reviewing my level.

There is now a route for the Omibot available:

ca; Dr.Shoe

#6 re : OmiBot Route Available!!
by Paul 14/05/2001 - 16:54:12 ( Refers to post #4
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I've updated the review with the link you gave. Only took 2 months ;).

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