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Hero´s Keep (4-8)
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/me jabs Dr.Shoe with a red-hot poker.

Why? Because this map is inspired by q3dm9, which, ok, isn't necessarily a sign that its going to stink like rancid sheep testicles, but it unfortunately does. Texturing is of the scatter-cushion variety with each area have its only special texture set. They're not particularly well used though, with it all looking rather bland. There isn't much detail in the architecture with it all being flat, uninspiring stuff.

Lighting is mostly source less and is a bit on the bright side since it makes the textures look overexposed. There are quite a few jump pads that have the most restrictive implementation I've ever seen. Trying to fight against them will get you no-where. They are literally forcing you in whatever direction they feel like. Which does create a bit of problem in the RA section of the map where there is a jump pad that pushes you up onto a suspended platform. In order to get up there you have to go through cut out in the above platform. Unfortunately if you hit the pad wrong you'll just bang and bang and bang your head until you've managed, very slowly, to move into the correct position.

It does play ok in 1-on-1 and is a bit livelier when you up the numbers but the surroundings don't do much to inspire you.


Download Here (389Kb)
Dr.Shoe aka Björn Schuster
Reviewed : 25/03/2001

#2 OmiBot Routes Available!!
by Dr.Shoe 25/04/2001 - 05:18:43 (
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First I wanna thank Paul for taking his time to look at this real not amazing looking map.
(If you expected a Q3 lookalike map this must have been disapointing. And the next readmes will underline that only layout and gameplay are Q3 inspired.)

I was playing Q3A on a saturdy night for the first time in my life.
I was very faszinated about the crazy jumps you could do. So I wanted to have a similar gameplay on my old system at home.

So I made the world on the sunday afternoon.
The map was made for playing with bots(I´m offline at home), but Q1bots are not clever enough for the trigger_push; so I had to FORCE them their way (...after removing some lava,´cause it confuses bots...).

I wished to add more details to the map before releasing, but the r_speeds-god said that there was already enough detail.

This map is in deed no eyecandy, but I still like it to play with bots.
And now Skorpion has taken this map and made a route for it:

Thanx to the poeple on MPQ!!

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