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Powder Keg (2 - 4)
Comments (6) Go to top of page  
In a change of pace Mr Fribbles has decided to make a small DM map which plays nicely as a 1on1 or up to to a four player free for all.

The map looks nice although there are no distinguishing features or amazing visuals (unlike his other maps) although you do get three versions of the same map, each one with a different texture set applied to it. The sandy desert one looks best imo but the other two styles ( a stone temple and a whiter stone) also look very nice. Lighting is good all round and fits the map well, complimenting the textures.

Gameplay as you might expect is fast and furious and with top notch item placement the map flows very nicely. I found that 1 on 1 games are the most fun while FFA's speed up the pace 10 fold and things get very frantic very quickly, just how we like it :)

All in all a nice little number that comes in three distinct flavours. Perfect for those 1on1 internet games and warm-ups at a LAN party...


Download Here (471Kb)
Omicron Bot Route File
Mr Fribbles
Author Site
Reviewed : 19/03/2001

#1 yummm
by Asriel 20/03/2001 - 00:15:22 (
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me likes these maps. The blue one is my fav

#2 Luny is afraid of typing too much
by Luny 20/03/2001 - 06:49:54 (
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I was actually waiting for the review of this map quite a bit, because I've been playing this map for some time on a little server I'm running, and this was in my opinion one of the few that would've deserved the 5/5 score. Can't really comment on visuals because dm players play at 320x200 d_mipcap 3 anyway, but the playability is where this map beats 99% of the other maps easily.

#3 Rather old, isn't it?
by Jay 20/03/2001 - 10:30:14 (
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Kinda strange that this one didn't get reviewed a long time ago - oh well..better late than never :)

This is certainly a great little map. Too bad my linux server crashes when loading up the blue version (my fav, too).

#4 old
by Dithyramb 25/03/2001 - 15:01:54 (
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oh yes, i played these maps several years ago

#5 Quake
by skleros 31/03/2001 - 17:08:14 (
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Pkeg is quake dm at its best. This map is one of the best custom maps ever. Should definatly have recieved a 5/5. This maps has it all!

/me goes playing pkeg1 :)

There is also a review at 3ac:

#6 I tell you what.
by mal 29/04/2001 - 14:12:55 (
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I remember back in the day on the originals, there was the egyptian one, the base one (that was one of my favorite maps I had), and the other one, red brick, right?
ahh whatever. I gotta DL this one again.

must... have... more fripples maps!

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