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MisDM9 - Art of Spawning (1-on-1)
Comments (6) Go to top of page  
Blinking heck. This man is a machine. Last map I reviewed was Misdm8 and now he's back again with another. Its back to the tight, cramped layout of Misdm7. One very vertical atrium marks the centrepiece for the action in this map.

Visually the map is a bit of let down in comparison with Misyu's two previous strong looking maps. There is a set theme which appears to be some kind of underground stone cut bunker, but it's a little inconsistent (with some texture misalignments) and some of actual architecture is crude given what I know Misyu is capable of. As example, look at the rock formations around the RL which look particularly dodgy.

I can't however fault how it plays. Similar in essence to Vondur's vertically inclined maps Zed2 and Hook. The layout is slightly disjoined and there are sections of floor with open drops that until you've learnt the map will cause the odd problem. The different floors aren't too far apart and you can hop across between them with ease.

The GL comes into play what with the long air tunnel that can be used for firing grenades up and the open atrium where you can fire 'nades down if you're a bit action shy. The LG is also very useful for whacking falling players, but is low on ammo to be able to do that all the time. As far as playing numbers are concerned both duelling and FFA work nicely.


Download Here (275Kb)
Michal 'MisYu' Skinder
Author Site
Reviewed : 01/03/2001

#1 First post
by DaZ 01/03/2001 - 18:29:23 (
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hehe <grin>

Nice map here but some of the rock faces look very odd and at times you can tell that they are boxes which have been stacked and rotated... Apart from that the level looks good with nice lighting (dunno about the flashing light coming from behind a box tho??)

Nice work MisYu

#2 windows
by Fern 01/03/2001 - 19:20:33 (
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are the "windows" in this map facing the RoS (for example) anything remarkable when it comes to gameplay? I haven't played it yet but they caught my eye when I first looked.

#3 :>
by misyu 02/03/2001 - 03:34:38 (
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Thanks for comments guys :)

Fern- this map plays hmm weird. It's good balanced but too big, so score isn't high. I get scores like 15:10, 5:0, 7:6- Q2 style :(

Allright, already started MisDM10 :>

#4 When will he slow up...
by Rotpig 02/03/2001 - 08:34:39 (
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defintite mapping robot.

#5 stuff...
by Drannerz 02/03/2001 - 15:05:22 (
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I loved the layout of this map, but some of the brush work was a little odd. IMHO it should have recieved a higher score than three.


#6 good rocks!
by [Kona] 02/03/2001 - 16:46:33 (
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yeah 3 perhaps was pretty low.
to be honest, i liked the rock formations. they were unique, perhaps even artistic. sure they weren't realistic, but neither is the rest.

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