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Ika (1-on-1)
Comments (31) Go to top of page  
having never seen a map by QurneL before I was unsure what to expect when I loaded up IKA. What I got was a great little map that was brilliant fun to play. The style is IKbase and it has been used to good effect here as the screenshots will show you...

Clean texturing, subtle curves and adequete lighting come together to produce a good looking map with low R_speeds and high fun for all involved. The Layout is all based around one large main atrium with connecting corridors and small rooms around it. Going up or down floors is made easy by lifts and teleporters but there are always staircases, should you be blocked off or want a strole...

Gameplay is great fun either as a 1v1 or 2 - 4 player FFA. The tight layout and great positioning of items and weapons means that if you dont check those corners you will wind up fish food in no time. As always the "hard arse" area is the bottom floor of the main atrium as there is always rockets, grenades and random nails flying around down there... Not a good place to be unless you have the skillz...

If you are looking for a great little map with bucketloads of gameplay that will run on pretty much any system without trouble then this is the one for you. The only real downsides to the map are that the lighting is a little on the boring side with no real definition of shadows or spotlights and (as some people might say) it uses the IKbase tetxure set. personally I love the textures but some people have just been bored by them and there extensive use... All in all a great little arena.

(At time of writing there is no Omi-bot route available, but when it is ready I will add it to the review)


Download Here (392Kb)
Omicron Bot Route File
Kornel 'QurneL' Paszkowski
Author Site
Reviewed : 19/02/2001

#1 :)
by Vondur 20/02/2001 - 08:57:58 (
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gr00viesque mappesque !

#2 hm
by misyu 20/02/2001 - 10:04:37 (
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3.5/5 :O

BTW :>

"and adequate lighting come together to produce a good looking map"

and then:

"The only real downsides to the map are that the lighting is a little on the boring side "

If lightning sux how it can make "good looking map"? :)

#3 DaZ - our misunderstood friend...
by Drannerz 20/02/2001 - 13:11:59 ( Refers to post #2
Go to top of page  
It's 6:08pm so DaZ pobably hasn't got out of bed yet. In his absence I'll try to expain what he meant.
The map looks very good, and despite dodgey lighting (which detracts a little bit from the aesthetic appeal) it still looks good. Hence: "Clean texturing, subtle curves and adequete lighting come together to produce a good looking map..."

As I reviewed this map a few days ago for Religion Quake, DaZ and me talked a bit about his review. So I think that's what he means. He'll wake up in an hour or two and clear it up.


#4 Drannerz - Our sson to be dead friend...
by DaZ 20/02/2001 - 13:36:43 (
Go to top of page  
Hole in one Drannerz. yeah dont forget that lighting is only one part of what makes a map look good (ableit quite a large part). In this particular map the lighting isn't crap, far from it, but it has been used without any vision or ideas. It seems like it is just there so that you can see where your going and not to make the map look good as well...

#5 Erm.........
by Austin_Brock 22/02/2001 - 08:49:17 (
Go to top of page  
I don't know what to make of this one.... but I thought the lighting was horrible to start, I played with my friend Marc and he prefered my map that I've just posted, I'm not too sure about it though, also the map seemed cramped for just me and Marc, maybe less rocket launchers would have helped because me and him just go mental with them! LOL

#6 You have to be joking.
by Rotpig 22/02/2001 - 23:17:47 ( Refers to post #5
Go to top of page  
erm..... lets see...

I dont know where to begin. Before you read this go and play austin's map "abcool" then you'll understand why I've said what I've said here:

Ika is an excellent example of mapping skills and the author (Kornel 'QurneL' Paszkowski) should be more than proud of his creation. I know I would be.

"Abcool" on the other hand is THE biggest peice of shit that I have ever seen. "Abcool" makes perpetual nrg look like a fucking masterpeice. I can't see anything in abcool that makes any sense (ppl, the map isnt even vised). take a look at those lovely crates... hmmm, are they crates or what? every aspect of the map is SCREWED. Total waste MPQ's time reviewing it.

#7 Michael!!!!!!
by THE DUDE 22/02/2001 - 23:53:14 ( Refers to post #6
Go to top of page  
What a Piece of S&*T! Rotpig is definately right. If you take into account the VBRUN TIME SCRIPT errors and the fact that I hate Quake altogether, then yeah .. I guess its a s*(T map!

#8 abcool
by ToadWarrior 23/02/2001 - 19:01:52 (
Go to top of page  
where's this abcool map. Perhaps I didn't look close enough, but I didn't see it. :)

#9 abcool
by ToadWarrior 23/02/2001 - 19:08:23 (
Go to top of page  
Nevermind, I forgot about the pending reviews section. :)

I'm not downloading a map that's in an exe file. Why not zip it like the other 99.9999% of the mappers do? Plus if it sucks as much as some claim, I'm not gonna bother until I see the review.

#10 Perspective
by Rotpig 24/02/2001 - 19:18:17 ( Refers to post #9
Go to top of page  
ppl who make box maps then claim that other maps are of lesser quality can be fucked for all I care. If Austin submitted his map without lending comments on how badly other much better maps were constructed, there'd be no problem.

#11 abcool
by Fern 25/02/2001 - 14:30:21 (
Go to top of page  
I just played it and the word is: "HAHAHAHAHA." Oh jeez. Submitting a map like that to a site that has promised to review all submitted maps is an act of cruelty. I think i'll save my constructive criticism for the review though

#12 Speaking of reviews
by ToadWarrior 26/02/2001 - 20:24:31 (
Go to top of page  
Reviews are coming slow and if there's not enough reviewers, are we able to offer up some time to do reviews to keep 'em coming?

#13 reviews
by Fern 26/02/2001 - 23:15:27 (
Go to top of page  
if the staff wants me to write another review, I'll gladly take abcool off your hands. Since it's actually an original map and not a half-assed knockoff in the wrong engine of an idsoftware map that wasn't very good to begin with like the last one I reviewed (ahem) I'll actually say useful non-abusive things about it ;)

#14 misdm9 review :/
by misyu 27/02/2001 - 10:27:06 (
Go to top of page  
paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaul, wheeeeeen :(


#15 Too late Fern
by DaZ 27/02/2001 - 18:28:05 (
Go to top of page  
Watch this space...

#16 Abcool
by SulSeeker 28/02/2001 - 03:18:13 (
Go to top of page  
Ouch!!! :""(''

And to think I downloaded it before seeing all these posts...

#17 The site logo
by ToadWarrior 28/02/2001 - 21:45:32 (
Go to top of page  
BTW, what's the name of the 4th map(the grey map right before the Quake guy shot) in the MPQ logo?

#18 EFDM12
by Rotpig 28/02/2001 - 22:33:28 (
Go to top of page  
thats the one

#19 ToadWarrior
by misyu 01/03/2001 - 09:47:21 (
Go to top of page  

#21 Why Ofcourse they say...
by Rotpig 01/03/2001 - 09:52:37 (
Go to top of page  
Efdm12... death by the dozen

#24 Oh, sorry to hear that!
by Austin_Brock 01/03/2001 - 12:15:03 (
Go to top of page  
I've tried vising it endless times, it says "No vising could be performed" I would have liked to make the boxes smaller but without having the knowledge on how to do this it would have been hard!

by Austin_Brock 01/03/2001 - 12:31:13 (
Go to top of page  
I know you guys like ribbing people about below average maps, but this being my first I thought it wasn't a bad attempt, I really think that IKA is a great map and he has done brilliant work on making it compact, my map on the other hand is a very big thing, 2 seperate warehouse type things with corridors leading between the 3 main areas. I know its not nice when people post maps like these..... but.... a little advise on what to do would help..... I'm really f***ing sure you all could make top class maps that really were the best ever.

THATS WHY YOU C***S have got...


:o) Thanks for the help.... I'm sure I really will enjoy making my next map! Stingy B******DS!

Oh and Daz, go easy on me.... then again, why should you, you're supposed to review these to give people ideas on whether its worth the download. :o|

#26 Some tips
by DaZ 01/03/2001 - 13:54:05 ( Refers to post #25
Go to top of page  
Austin, heres a few pointers that you should seriously have a look at before attempting your next map...

1) Download the MPQ top ten maps. This will give you an idea of what the best maps around for Quake DM are like. Pay particular attention to layouts and weapon and item placement.

2) LOOKS. I'll be honest with you but Abcool just looks shit. For one thing the map would look 10 times better if you had aligned the textures to surfaces so that they line up with the edges, look at pretty much any Quake map ever and you will see that this is standard practice.

3) test test test!!!

When you have finished your map,*ALWAYS ALWAYS* pass it around your friends for them to have a go at, they are un-biased (kinda) and will tell you if a certain feature or placement sucks hard. Then you can go and fix it before you release it for everyone..

Hope this helps... What editor are you using? If its not Worldcraft 1.6 then thats something you are doing wrong already :)

#27 testing maps and vis
by Fern 01/03/2001 - 16:09:19 (
Go to top of page  
DaZ, Austin already wrote this: "I played with my friend Marc and he prefered my map that I've just posted." So apparently it has been tested. So some better advice would be... er... to get more testers.

and austin:

I've tried vising it endless times, it says "No vising could be performed" That's because there is A HUGE OBVIOUS MOTHER-BLEEPING HOLE IN THE CEILING!!!

#28 Additional
by DaZ 01/03/2001 - 18:25:29 ( Refers to post #26
Go to top of page  
Austin, I am not sure how familiar you are with the compling process and how each stage works but to get Abcool to vis you have to :

a) Make sure there are no gaps or holes in ANY of the maps brushwork. If there is even the slightest hole then it will not vis. Think of your map as a sub-marine. if you put it in the water with a hole in it then its gonna sink and everyone will die (ergo - BAD thing). But if you make sure that the sub is water tight with no holes at all then everybody is happy.

b) Finding leaks, this can be a pain in the arse, when the compiler tells you "no vising performed" then load up the map in Quake and bring down the console and type "pointfile" (without the speachmarks) and then look around your map, after a while you should see a string of white and black dots floating in the air, this is where your leak is. Find the exact place where this "dot string" goes outside of the map and you should clearly be able to see a hole in your map.

c) Fixing the hole. Go back to your map editor and find the same place that you were in the game and you will see the same hole that you saw in-game. Simply fill this hole with a brush and re-compile. if no other holes are found then vis should run fine and you have yourself a vis'ed map!

-- If you already knew all that then doh! --

#29 Don't start crap like this.
by Paul 01/03/2001 - 19:02:12 ( Refers to post #25
Go to top of page  
Ok, lets look at this constructively. You say you want advice. Well you could have emailed us at MPQ and we would have helped you, honest!

The problem you've hit here is that people can say what the hell they want about a map and usually aren't very tactful. You did make things worse when you criticised another map which in this case is pretty damn good.

Now compare your map against id's dm maps. Is it as least as good as that? No it isn't. I would have taken what you'd done as a practice map and told you to start again and to have just kept making stuff until you'd hit at least id standard.

You've also made things a lot worse by starting this mess both at MPQ and on the PQ forums. I'd suggest give up while you're behind.

#30 Btw, for anyone interested
by Paul 01/03/2001 - 19:08:36 (
Go to top of page  
Its the message starting "I'm totally disgusted" at

#31 Bilirubin chickened out with a title
by Bilirubin 01/03/2001 - 21:48:38 (
Go to top of page  
Cross posting at its worst. Can't wait to see how high the flames rise after the review...*rolls eyes*

#32 Why?
by MutantBunny 08/03/2001 - 21:08:00 ( Refers to post #26
Go to top of page  
Whats wrong with worldcraft?????

#33 doh
by DaZ 08/03/2001 - 21:32:12 ( Refers to post #32
Go to top of page  
"If its not Worldcraft 1.6 then thats something you are doing wrong already"

So if it IS worldcraft 1.6 then thats good :)
There is nothing wrong with WC, its the best Q1 editor out (imo)

#34 oh sorry
by MutantBunny 12/03/2001 - 13:40:34 ( Refers to post #33
Go to top of page  
guess i wasn't payin' attention =)

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