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Skis4 (4 - 8)
Comments (5) Go to top of page  
Ack! What happened here?? Well to break a tradition, skis4 is uniformly textured with no areas that look out of place or for that matter, different from the others. As always the map looks very nice with good brush usage although SkLERoS's other maps look better. The only thing I didn't like about the build is the fullbright outside area, it is well built but the way way way overbright lighting it makes it look washed out and generally harsh to look at.

Gameplay wasn't to spectacular either and either comprised of trying to shoot people that just bounced up and down on the "jump pads" or fighting long distance battles everywhere else :) One thing which will annoy *every single* soul who plays this map is the hated teleport lava trap. Maybe its accidental but if you teleport to a particular destination you appear way to close to the edge and 9 times out of 10 take a lava bath because of it. Just to rub salt into the wound, more than 1 teleporter links to it...

Weapon and item placement was ok with lots of nails to pick up and rocket ammo in the right places, also armour is a lot tamer with greens and yellows in combat hotspots. There is a pentagram in the fullbright outside bit that makes playing interresting (read "fun") but is way to easy to get imo.

All in all definately SkLERoS's worst map, why? because of the frustration and lack of fun it provides... What happened?


Download Here (536Kb)
Author Site
Reviewed : 29/01/2001

#1 bananas...?
by Drannerz 30/01/2001 - 14:25:48 (
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DaZ complained today that no one had left comments about the above review, so here's a comment: you want a banana? <<AHHHHH!!>>
[what just happened will mean something to DaZ]


#2 Reviewing Standards
by Rotpig 30/01/2001 - 22:59:01 (
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Ok, I've played the map and yeah, it aint all that hot but It deserves more than 1 star.

Think about this... A while ago, Fat Controller reviewed a map called "wasters doom - wasdm1" I think that's the name. He gave it 2 stars. Now, this map wasnt good at all! 2 stars was the absolute best it could have got.

Then comes along something that has obviously had a heap of time and effort put in (I am referring to skis4) and it recieves only 1 star! Where's the justice!!!!!!!!!!!

now, I'm not saying this map should have recieved a 3 or 4. No way. You only have to play it to see what I mean. I'm also aware that just because a map has had more time spent on it, doesnt mean it is better.

Take a look at the comments left by Drannerz. So, Daz was obviously expecting people to not agree with him hey?. Why is that? The reason is that Daz knows the review he's done is so one eyed and just basicly screwed.

We are all aware that a review is only the "reviewers opinion" but for fucks sake, you have to at least be able to rank maps in some kind of way that makes sense.

#3 well theres a comment for him..
by Jay 31/01/2001 - 09:02:42 (
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if that's what he was really looking for ;)

I've thought ill of DaZ's reviewing techniques in the past, but I try not to let his seemingly inconsistent views instill any reservations about downloading the map and seeing for myself. Try to do the same.

He usually has good comments - but I agree that his actual ranking is a little out of whack.

#4 Well...
by DaZ 31/01/2001 - 15:55:01 (
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yet again I seem to have sparked a controversial review... :)

Well in my eyes the map only deserved one star, sure the build quality is sometimes nice and lighting is mostly good (in most areas) but it plays like a fat dog (sorry SkLERoS). As for fatty's review of Watsers doom, what can I say, we are two different people with two different view points. Sorry if the review seems a little "one eyed" but again its only my opinion and I really didn't get on with this map...

#5 Scoring
by Fern 07/02/2001 - 10:05:06 (
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Wow, after such an outcry about low scoring, I was expecting a much better map :P That teleporter alone is worth dropping a point and maybe the huge-closed-room-with-only-one-exit that it's in is worth another half. And that's just in one corner of the map :P Maybe 1.0 is a tiny bit low for it, but I wouldn't go much higher since the gameplay and the design both have obvious problems.

Also DaZ has reviewed all (?) of Skleros' maps on MPQ and the differences between them probably affected the scoring, e.g. Ack! What happened here??.

I'd advise mappers to pleeeease try and start with gameplay as an ugly map that plays well (like Violence 2 Silence) is much more fun than a nice looking map that plays ugly.

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