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Skis3 (3 - 8 FFA)
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Number three in the "Quake Catwalk" series shows off even more design styles. yes, you geussed it, its Skis3. Styles this time round are different but gel together a lot better than Skis2's mish mash of designs. In Skis 3 we have nehahra style metal rooms with rusty and old bricks, a nice Quake 2 textured atrium with a rocky floor and some hexen 2 textured tunnels with a grassy floor. All the different designs are lovingly built with curves left right and centre and very nice attention to detail.

Playing the map was a little bit less harsh on the senses though, some areas played quite well while others got me very annoyed and frustrated. All the rooms and areas are small to medium in size so all fights are "in your face" and very intense but sometimes just lack the fun that Quake DM usually presents to me.

Item placement is a little hap hazard but generally good with items placed nicely around the map. Armour is very plentiful with two red armours and one yellow lying around. Also in-keeping with skis2, there is quite a lot of rocket ammo and rocket launchers so boom boom ammo is not to be worried about. Lughtning guns are also plentiful with two in the map and lots of ammo for those as well...

Basicly this map was nice to look at and shows off some great skill on the part of the author, build quality wise. But thats about it unfortunately, the gameplay just isn't there in this one :(


Download Here (549Kb)
Author Site
Reviewed : 29/01/2001

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