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Skis2 (3 - 8)
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What we have here is a showcase for nearly all the styles of build you can have in a Quake map. The central area is symetrical and takes on a medievil castle look with turreted towers and huge grey bricks lining the walls. At each side of this main area there is an exit or teleport which takes you to a completely different styled location. Theres an underground cave, a curvey rocky (tm) outside area with arched structures in it and theres a strange runic teleporter room where you can grab a megahealth. All the different areas look gorgeous but they cause a big problem with consistency and the map just doesn't feel right.

Playing skis2 was fun at times but had its down moments as well. The fun parts include the "Quad dash" where everyone runs for the quad when it respawns in the main area and big fights in the curvey rocky area were cool as well. The downsides were item placement, there is a rocket launcher and a grenade launcher in the same room and some areas just feel like "item farms" where pickups grow on trees. gameplay was very tactical though as the map is quite large and supports up to eight players. I tried playing on the minimum recommended amount but it was too sparse, but with six players you had room to breathe and wouldn't need to looks far for a fight...

On a final note, I would recommend this map for the eyecandy alone but for gameplay, you can find much better elsewere...


Download Here (507Kb)
Author Site
Reviewed : 20/01/2001

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