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Skis1 (2 - 3)
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Skis 1 is a small duel map for no more than three players. The layout is very symetrical with both sides of the map looking exactly the same apart from an arrangement of boxes on the lower level. The map looks gorgeous with amazing brushwork and lighting in the central outdoor area but goes a little boxy when you go indoors. Mostly medievil textures have been used but there are runic styled lights around as well, this all comes together to produce a good looking map.

Gameplay is best as a one on one although three player FFA's were fun, if a little crowded. You have different options open to you depending on which side of the map you are on, on one side there is green armour and a grenade launcher and on the other is yellow armour and super shotty. The rocket launcher resides in the central area on the ground between the two castles and is the focal point for most of the combat. health is on the lower and upper levels and is very plentiful.

All in all, as a one on one map it is great but put any more players in there and it gets a little too crowded.


Download Here (261Kb)
Author Site
Reviewed : 20/01/2001

#1 Nice..larger would be phat
by Jay 21/01/2001 - 14:01:36 (
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This map looks sweet - but I'm a little tired of tight duel maps. I wish the author would have expanded to encorporate at least 4 or 5 players. Most people who still play QW (I think, anyway) are into FFA with friends, no?

#2 no jay. no.
by mal 23/01/2001 - 14:34:41 ( Refers to post #1
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I prefer 1v1. which is all I ever play pretty much. when I go online, I love to play a fast 1v1. if anyone else enters the server I get kinda bimmed but I still play. I guess my love for 1v1 is what makes me hate q3a so much. that is such a ffa game that it hurts. I've tried making 1v1 maps for q3. I dunno how it works. haven't had a chance to LAN against anyone on em yet.m

#3 1v1 is fun too..
by Jay 24/01/2001 - 12:55:08 (
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but people usually take it way too personally (or at least seriously). I hate playing with people who get pissed off and leave etc..
That's why I enjoy FFA. And besides, I've got a group of 5 or so friends that I play with regularly on a LAN. Can't beat LAN fun with friends :)

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