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APDM4 - The Lava Pools (2-8 Players)
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A base style map. A rare breed. One of my favourite styles. As the map title suggests there is an amble amount of lava around but not too much as to cause you to swim in it all day. Theres the occasional slip into it when the action gets going but for the main part its purely for cosmetic purposes. DM4 also makes an appearance here and one part of the room is decidely DM4 in style (Not textures but layout).

As the author mentions in the maps text file "This level is my attempt at redoing DM4. Not copying it... but trying to get the same sort of flow." Well hes almost succeeded. It is let down by some rather pokey areas, well one in fact, which is just off to the right in the right hand shot. It seems cramped and sometimes hindle movement.

Play is fast and furious with 8 and this is what I recommend.


Download Here (335Kb)
Reviewed : 12/12/1998

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