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Reinc4 - Phrenesie (4 to 8)
Comments (3) Go to top of page  
Another gem from GeN, except this time it's on a grander scale. Set across 2 quintuple-layered (!!) atriums with an almost unhealthy undergrowth of passages, corridors and openings there is certainly a lot to go at. The lower 2 levels are grimy grey coloured cement whilst the upper 3 floors are the light creamy brown coloured wall texture used in other maps in the pack.

GeN's liking for quirky level design is certainly evident here. The large scale of the atriums is frankly nuts, especially since the r_speeds aren't that bad. It can nearly hit the 700 mark in a few spots but given the really open layer upon layer natural of the layout its amazing its all kept within a fairly low range.

Once you start to learn the layout of the map you'll find its not that big and the rats nest style connectivity makes it incredibly easy to get about the map. It will however, just take you a little while to get things noted down.

Other interesting quirks are that two of the teleporters drop you into circular tunnels that fling you up (or down depending on which teleporter you went through) and back out into the map. There isn't a reason as such, it's just some different. And so you don't get lost, all teleporters are numbered so you can work out quicker than normal where the exits/entrances are.

I found the GL and RL pushing themselves forward as the most used weapons what with their being 3 a piece of these, and their placing seeming more dominant than the 2 LG's and SNG's. Again like Reinc3, it's a riot to play in FFA. Running after scared opponents in the network of corridors and rooms is really cool and can give a real adrenaline rush.


Download Here (2500Kb)
Omicron Bot Route File
GeN aka Sebastian Bentler
Author Site
Reviewed : 14/12/2000

#1 Another name
by Fat Controller 14/12/2000 - 20:41:31 (
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I suggest this map should be renamed The Hall of Mindless Fun :)

This is easily my favourite of the whole pack. GeN is obviously insane; long may he stay that way!

#2 Yeah yeah crazy GeN yeah
by Fern 14/12/2000 - 21:06:11 (
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GeN 0wnz!~!!1` I want to see him do an SP map like this ;)

#3 Nuts layout
by ProdigyXL 15/12/2000 - 14:58:13 (
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What I loved most about this pack was that nearly every map had some kind of crazy nuts layout that had you scratching your head. It just added to the mayhem. Quality pak.

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