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The Lost World (2 to 10)
Comments (12) Go to top of page  
Out of the three Quake 3 Arena conversions Jeff has done, this is probably the best simply for the fact that the main area is a pretty reasonable recreation of the original, as you'll see by looking at the two screenshots (First one is from this map and the other from the original). The rest of the layout matches pretty well but again the majority of the detail is missing. The undulating wall and flesh effects just seem to make the old map, where as here its just an over abundance of greyness from the brick texture.

There is also that vague slowness again in GLQuake. So I checked it our in software (WinQuake) and found to my horror that the main arena of the map starts to grey out from certain positions. R_Speeds are hitting the 1000 markÖ and this makes me think that it wasn't vised properly? To be honest, I can't see why R_Speeds are at this level because it isn't that detailed. Maybe the author would like to comment?

Fortunately though it is playable in GL (but people with low spec machines will undoubtedly not be able to play this map). The layout isn't particularly hot, you have a central atrium made up of four levels and then there are corridors and such like going around three walls of that. It's more of a mish-mash than something that flows together nicely, but that's not Jeff's fault, that's whoever made the map at id.

Lighting could be better as well. The interior lighting is half decent with outer walls casting shadows downwards, but the main atrium is bereft of any sort of feeling or variance in light. Just overly bright which makes the textures look a bit garish.

There are a couple of jump pads, which the bots don't grasp properly because all they do is push upwards. Bots unfortunately don't have the logic to push out and therefore move onto the floor above. That said, its hard work just trying it yourself, so a bot really is going to be hard pushed.

One of my tips to the author (and its not just related to this map) would be to pick a consistent file naming method for his bsps and perhaps shorten them as well (ie, this is q1_q3dm13 and his other maps where q1_q3tourney2 and q1dm17). Not exactly the easiest to remember.


Download Here (1001Kb)
Jeff McWhorter
Author Site
Reviewed : 08/01/2001

#1 a cheerful comfy little place
by Fern 08/01/2001 - 17:59:53 (
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With the sunlight and wind blowing everywhere along with the bright blue sky and the rose colored metal stuff (apparently it used to be flesh) this whole place looks rather serene, like some deserted ruins or something. I thought this was pretty cool until I saw the original and realized it was actually supposed to be a dark and imposing map and not some cheerful hello kitty world like it actually is. Oh well it's fun to walk around in. One of my tips to the author would be to make his own damn maps.


#2 r_speeds
by Drannerz 09/01/2001 - 15:13:38 (
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I un-BSPed this map because I was considering making a better version. Despite the low detail the map is actually over 2300 brushes, and with quite a large outside area r_speeds are gonna reach thoes kinda levels.


#3 ToadWarrior chickened out with a title
by ToadWarrior 09/01/2001 - 19:05:35 (
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Why in the hell does he keep up with this? They've been out awhile and everyone I know has compained, mainly because the lighting is bad. It's too damn bright and the maps don't look right, even if layout is relatively perfect as far as a conversion goes.

#4 Sheesh!
by Plutonium 11/01/2001 - 23:10:00 (
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I'm the author of this map. Look guys, I'm not a professional map builder. I wanted to have some fun and recreate these maps for q1. Obviously, this map won't have the same detail as the Q3 map has, its impossible. Even now the r_speeds are too high to play it in software mode. I realize now that the lighting sucks. I used to play q3 using vertex lighting (slow computer). Now that I play with light map, I can tell it should have been darker. Oh well, The nice guys at seem to think the map rocks. As long as someone enjoys the map, it won't seem like a complete waste. Keep bashing if you like, it doesn't bother me. If anyone wants to REDO the lighting, I'd be glad to send them the .map file.

#6 re : Sheesh!
by Paul 12/01/2001 - 08:56:25 ( Refers to post #4
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People are never too keen on map conversions simply because it doesn't show off how good the author is, since its not really their work, and secondly the majority of the time the converted map isn't as good or doesn't play well.

I don't know whether you converted the bsp's from q3a or created them from scratch. Doesn't particularly matter, my suggestion would be, as Fern bluntly put it, is to try something from scratch. See what you can come up with.

>it won't seem like a complete waste

It shouldn't matter who plays it, as you said in your post you did enjoy making it and thatís all that should matter. If people like playing it as well then its bonus.

#7 table of elements
by Drannerz 12/01/2001 - 19:01:20 (
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This is related to the map, but seeing the authors name to be "Plutonium" reminded me of something I've been meaning to grumble about.
Why do people keep naming themselves after elements? Did they get bored in a science lab and stab at the customary, sun-faded table of elements poster which normally resides in them?

-Drannerz (grumble...grumble)

#8 arse...
by Drannerz 12/01/2001 - 19:03:39 ( Refers to post #7
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the first sentance of the above message should read: "This is not related to the map.."

-Drannerz (missspeling $tuf)

#9 To Drannerz
by Plutonium 14/01/2001 - 22:39:45 (
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I happen to be an Analytical Chemist for a pharamceutiacal company. I thought Plutoniun was a name that not only sounded cool, but also has a little meaning behind it.

#10 Drannerz
by Paul 15/01/2001 - 04:05:55 ( Refers to post #7
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Plutonium got you there :)

#11 I'm not so sure...
by Bascule 15/01/2001 - 14:03:16 ( Refers to post #10
Go to top of page  
Not so sure about your reasoning there, Pluto.
I work for a gas company, but I don't call myself Methane (or even CH4).

Whatever, I guess...

#12 /me slaps Bascule
by Paul 15/01/2001 - 14:31:50 ( Refers to post #11
Go to top of page  
You set your reply to my post :). I was a bit confused there for a moment when I read it.

#14 /me accepts slap
by Bascule 17/01/2001 - 09:35:19 ( Refers to post #12
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'nuff said.

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