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Le Jardin (1-on-1, up to 4)
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Fern's (formerly known as Perselicas) first map is a lesson in insane 1-on-1 play. Its tight, its compact and downright dangerous! The layout is symmetrical and anyone with half a brain should have it down in a few seconds. It's made up of a circle with a dividing wall down the middle. The ground and top floors feed you around the map nicely, whilst the middle floor serves as a platform between the two, and doesn't have any exits between the two areas.

A healthy dose of Jackboot textures are used to give the usual urban gritty look. Lighting is subtle and looks nice, with it ending half way up the outer walls to let the darkness from the night sky drift and blend in together. The ground floor areas could have been extended out a little to give a little more breathing room.

Play is mostly RL and LG orientated, but there is a selection of other weapons, which aren't really needed given the maps rather tiny size. Replacing these with ammo would have been good, but may affect someone getting up and running quickly.

As I said earlier, it's duelling only. Tactics do come into play when tagging the RA, and you do have to be careful, because of its out in the open perched position. You could also try 3-4 peeps, but its more a thump, bang, gib exercise than a fun game.


Download Here (357Kb)
Omicron Bot Route File
Author Site
Reviewed : 11/12/2000

#1 Le Jardin de r0xor
by Bascule 21/12/2000 - 15:55:09 (
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This map rocks big style! I can't wait for more from this guy.
I have also done a quick CTF conversion and spent ten minutes playing an insane 3v3 CTFBot game, which was so much fun it had me lol.
OK, so it was a gibfest with an average life expentancy of 20 seconds, but it sure as hell made my evening!

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