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Reinc3 - Dysaesthesie (2-4 Peeps)
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Note: The download is for all of the Reincarnation pack which includes 4 other maps.

When I first glanced at this map when the Reincarnation pack came out, I just thought this was an odd looking map that was a bit messy. However, on further inspection that is definitely not the case.

The mix of the quake2-sque industrial (ala UKPak) and the almost bizarre combination of slanted, angular architecture is refreshingly different. It feels like someone has created a solid, straight map (as you'd expect given its style), and then twisted and pushed it about in varying directions as if it were a block of putty.

The off-level floors come into play quickly. I noticed on a couple occasions that I was sliding (accidentally) down walkways whilst trying to attack. Nothing bad in this, but it just meant you had to keep your wits about you. The map is more than a little chaotic in 4+ FFA (but extremely fun) whilst its quite sedate and enjoyable in 1-on-1. Play is mostly rocket and grenade fire, what with there being 2 GL's and 3 RL's. There is also an LG, SSG and NG but you'd be hard pushed to see any bots using them.

The layout is that of two closely-knit atriums. The first of which spirals up from the 1st floor onwards, which the second is slightly disjoined and its top most level is accessible via teleporter or from one of the exits in the first atrium.

The map does feature some patented Shortcut accelerator's İ and the Light-notifying-system İ. I didn't actually try the map with the Reincarnation mod, so the former didn't work in normal DM. My guess though is that on the roof-mounted teleporter it would have pushed me upwards, but an rjump can do the same thing. The later does work though. The lights around the RA do switch off. I'm not sure if any others do though.


Download Here (2500Kb)
Omicron Bot Route File
GeN aka Sebastian Bentler
Author Site
Reviewed : 11/12/2000

#1 Gen is the man
by Frib 12/12/2000 - 14:35:10 (
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This map is just INSANE :)

One of the coolest looking maps I've seen (dig that brushwork and texturing), its also a riot to play, try it with 4+ players!

#2 Sweetness and Blight
by v1m 13/12/2000 - 03:34:51 (
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Loved this and the author's other Reinc maps. The putty analogy in the review is spot on, and you might say the slightly malformed interiors seem to be sagging or settling into a fateful arrangement of geometry, gravity and neglect. The texturing grabbed me right off with its mix of old bad iron and mottled whatever (whatever that Q2 texture was supposed to have been -- sandstone, I guess). Hell of a treat.

#3 this map sucks
by Malevola 13/12/2000 - 14:20:44 (
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just kidding.
I think it is probably my second favorite map ever (second to efdm6, the one kj hates) and I am surprised that it hasn't gotten much more "press" than it has.

I started a map based loosely on the angular theme of this map and failed miserably. I HATE QER's vertex manipping.

unfortunately, I don't really like the gameplay. it seems a bit too cramped to me. just barely. then again, that could be the 320 by 240 resolution of quake on my iMac (unfortunately I don't have reinc on my PC. man I'd love to see that thing in nehahra.exe. mmmmm.)

now, anyone wanna tell me what editor was uesd to make this beauty? (yeah, like any of you are gonna be arsed to go look in the text file for me. heh, I wouldn't.)

#4 Mal, j00 sux0r :)
by Fern 13/12/2000 - 15:47:23 (
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Base: New map from scratch
Editor(s) used: Worldcraft 1.6, AdQuedit 1.3, Wally 1.0


#5 methinkso
by CardO 01/01/2001 - 20:00:03 (
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i think that's actually a HL texture.. not q2 one on the wall, if that's what u'r talking about v1m.

anyway, sure is a great map, i just don't like the weapon pad things, don't look very high quality, but the maps themselves are sw33t! =D

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