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Reinc 2 - Return of the Sexer (2on2, ffa, tp)
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Note: The download is for all of the reincarnation pack which includes 4 other maps.

I had a really bitchy, nasty review written and then I went to Gonzo's website to get all the map details and saw some screen shots of this map. My original complaints were of some decidedly naff lighting. The screen shots though looked different… they looked good! So I thought maybe it looks better in WinQuake because, as I've said it looks crap in GLQuake. So I did…

…and it doesn't look half bad, lighting wise, but I do reckon its too bright. All that looks to have been done is that the overall light level for the map has been upped a few notches and everything else left as it was in the original…

…and here is the rub, this is basically a slightly different version of Warfare3. Textures are obviously different, and item placement has been tweaked to change how it plays slightly. But it's not that much different.

The different texture set doesn't do it any favours either. It all feels too light and breezy to me. You can however (in GLQuake) load up Warfare3 then this map and you'll have the Warfare3 textures, so that it looks half decent.

The other problem is the item placement. Very little has been changed, but some primary armour and weapons have been swapped about and frankly its an ass to play. Maybe its because I've played the original, but its just no fun here.


Download Here (2500Kb)
Author Site
Reviewed : 28/11/2000

#1 The official line.
by John Carmack 29/11/2000 - 07:52:07 (
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Our official press statement from id software is that Gonzo's custom map "Reinc 2" is nothing more than a badly textured version of the already poor playing and mediocrely connected "Warfare 3", and thereforee sucks ass even more than the original.

John Carmack,
id software.

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