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Lost Goods (3-8)
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WARNING: This map is a self-extracting executable which may not work on some systems.

A whiff of Zerstörer in here; a big metal base full of crates. Four large two-level atria are linked in a circle with plenty of ammo, armour and weaponry to make you and yours go all black and crispy. Two paired teleports allow shortcuts.

The texturing is straight id stuff along with some specials, such as grates, broken light fittings and a few others. However, some of the metal textures used seem too medieval for the setting.

Weaponry is spread fairly evenly around the map, apart from the RLs both being in interesting positions (one requiring a leap through a teleport to reach, the other guarding the access to the Quad). A megahealth hides behind stairs and armour is seemingly everywhere.

Fights tended to "roll around" the map from atrium to atrium as time wore on, but if chasing the party isn't your thing then adding a couple of friends helps.

One thing though that detracts from the map is its silence. Apart from wind outside and the odd light fitting, it's quiet as the grave. A few ambient noises could have made this map far more engrossing to play; as it is it just lies there and lets people shoot each other. Like it doesn't care.

Fat Controller

Download Here (447Kb)
Joe Hunter
Author Site
Reviewed : 27/11/2000

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