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Midnight Silence (2 to 5)
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WARNING: This map is a self-extracting executable which may not work on some systems.

It's a little odd that this map is called Midnight Silence when it's lit for broad daylight, but...

The map is three levels and two atria (along with a set of side pods making the whole thing L-shaped) done up in a modified form of the time-honoured idbase style, the well-known beige metal framing cables and grates. It's a very simple change but effective.

Verticality is by stairs and teleports that fling you to the top floor. The weapon load is the classic "2 RLs and one of everything else, hold the nailgun", with one of each flavour armour and a Megahealth. Health and ammo are adequate for the fragging to come.

The small tight nature of the map is perfect for 1v1 play. Just follow the sound of disappearing items and look to the skies when the teleport goes off... 4-way FFA is the maximum I'd recommend. The action is almost nonstop then and frags can pile up quickly. I suppose you could try to add some more people for that "Can Of Worms" ambience.

There are a couple of oddities of course. One is that you can run across the top of the freestanding teleport, and the other is the treatment of the roofing iron, which doesn't seem to line up properly. But these are minor niggles and this map is a good one. Enjoy.

Fat Controller

Download Here (284Kb)
Joe Hunter
Author Site
Reviewed : 27/11/2000

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