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Progenitor (1on1 - 2 to 5)
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A symmetrically designed map from Spin Doctor. Reminds me of some awful Team Fortress maps I've played and well… I'm right because as Spin Doctor describes in the maps readme, it is "A remake of 2fortxx from TF adapted for DM play".

As the screenies show, it's a dark place… a very dark place. It's a pity only the thing approaching a torch in this map is the RL. And you do need one, because that section of the map is pretty unplayable. I mean I do eat my carrots, but the amount I'd need to eat to see anything resembling an opponent makes me sick just at the thought of it.

The layout is made up of the open section in the first screen shot which connects to a sort of C shaped corridor that links to the area in the second screen shot. An upper floor runs off from here and this flows into adjoining rooms.

Just from a cursory glance, the architecture is very simple. Ok so there are the pentagram shapes in the outdoor (!?) area but I reckon its just an editor prefab dropped in.

There are some walls on the maps upper level that are actually doors that open to rooms containing half decent items, like for example the maps only RL and rockets!

Unfortunately, the symmetrical layout has no real focus. There is no point to run across it to the different areas, its not like its Team Fortress. I tended to stay at RL/ammo side because that was the only useful area to stay in. I just wandered and wandered and wandered… (until I fell asleep).


Download Here (184Kb)
Spin Doctor
Author Site
Reviewed : 28/11/2000

#1 Where is that blasted second screen shot...
by Paul 28/11/2000 - 20:09:21 (
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I uploaded one, but on this particular review it refuses to show it!

/me goes hunting

#2 lol!
by Yogi 07/12/2000 - 08:43:18 (
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I ate it! :P

#3 Problems with download...
by Spin Doctor 21/05/2001 - 19:31:19 (
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Because geocities won't let me link to the file directly (Grrrr!) you will have to use this link if you wanna download the map -

Sorry for the problem!

#4 eep!
by Spin Doctor 18/06/2001 - 11:59:32 (
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Sorry the link is just:
That will deffo work,

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