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Deathmatch Chaos (3-8 FFA)
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This map was released in 1998, and I cannot say it has aged well. Actually, some parts have aged well, but the rest...!

A couple bits of idbase, a lot more metal fortress style, all lashed around two circuits with the aid of acres of blood-spattered brick. That's my first impression; that this map was made out of several bits Shad had lying around. I also reckon that the lighting could have been better as I tended to miss some weapons in the darkness.

The general architecture is fairly flat, sprawling and 2-D. There is some level change, but the chances for DFA seem very few. Most of the time you're playing chase around the halls - which also means the map's easy to learn. Mind all the sticky-out bits though.

The metal parts are, in my opinion, very well done indeed. The small idbase portions effectively telegraph the locations of the teleporters (this has to be admitted) but the rest of the map, with its endless miles of blood-sprinkled brick, lacks character. An occasional splash of colour enhances, but here bloody brick has been overused.

There are three RLs and at least one of everything else; however, the Megahealth, Thunderbolt and one RL are hidden in secrets! The RL secret requires you to get the Pentagram (on an island in lava) and the MH/Thunderbolt combo is not far away; just shoot the green part of the wall.

Now it has to be admitted that waiting for the door to open does make you a sitting duck, and that there are two more RLs lying around for you, but being the cantankerous old fart I am, I feel secrets have No Place In Deathmatch.

Four-way FFA can be a bit lonely at times, but if you keep moving you'll run into someone eventually. Six bods seems to fill the place nicely.

Despite this though, Deathmatch Chaos left me feeling dissatisfied. It's a nice map that tries hard, but doesn't make it.

Fat Controller

Download Here (625Kb)
Author Site
Reviewed : 23/11/2000

#1 and what's its rating?
by Bilirubin 23/11/2000 - 11:05:48 (
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/me squints at the bottom of the review looking for QQQs

#2 me first quake map
by Shadowdane 28/03/2001 - 22:53:07 (
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wow.. i wouldnt wouldn't of even given it a 1! eheh

shouldn't of even released this map, but coming for a Duke3D background at the time, i thought this was too cool. ive learned. :)

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