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GizDM1 -Where Souls Burn (1-on-1)
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At first, when I saw this, I thought its looks were all that were going for it. Now I'm not so sure...

The main structure of this terracotta terror is that of a two-storey box with side chambers and pods around the sides. A central tower holds a Megahealth below a platform (only accessible from above, which is only accessible through a teleport under the stairs) holding the Quad. Details like the arches and stair treatments are very nicely done indeed.

Texturing is nicely done, and sympathetic to the requirements of the textures. It's a warm-feeling place, even warmer with all that hot metal flying around.

Weaponry consists of super shotties and nailguns, with a lone GL up in a corner. In other words, this is a "shotgun shack" where you don't so much bring opponents down as wear them down. Hence the 'port to the Quad becomes a magnet. Then again, so are the Megahealth and red armour.

However, there's one thing about the stairs and side chambers; they're cramped! Stairs and catwalks are one player wide; the only way to evade a crossfire is to drop off the side. To me, this feels too narrow - every ascent a strategic decision.

Gizmo made this map, however, for 1v1 to 4FFA. 1v1 is a good time, actually; there's plenty of cover and entrapment situations as you try to either gain the high ground and all its goodies, or keep the other dude away from the teleport to the Quad. More bods makes for a great deal of crossfire fun and games as you're always in someone's face.

In short this thing is a real sleeper - it tends to creep up, tap you on the shoulder and squirt lead up your nose. Enjoy.

Fat Controller

Download Here (149Kb)
Reviewed : 23/11/2000

#1 Any comments?
by Gizmo (at school) 23/11/2000 - 08:49:14 (
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Anyone got any comments on this map?

If ya wanna know... GizDM2 is on its way...

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