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Nowhere to Run (3 to 6 ffa)
Comments (3) Go to top of page  
Style wise it uses Peej's dark Ikbase textures, mixed with some medieval stain glass and brickwork. So what you have is something that's a little kooky in the looks department and unfortunately this "interesting" look goes over to the map in general.

What I found particularly odd were the trench's of boiling lava that seem to ignorantly interrupt where the floor should be. I put it like that because quite frankly there is no damn need for it to be like that. Used as decoration in front of the stained glass windows then its fine, but given the maps already rather limited floor space, whacking great ruddery rivers of lava in is not a good idea. It basically makes things too busy and unfortunately cluttered.

The layout is also haphazard in its design and certainly not easy to navigate. Lots of jumping is required on the top level whilst a load of dodging is requiring on the bottom floor.

All of which gives you a painful map to play. 1-on-1 works but at times I felt like I was in a pinball machine getting hit by a barrage of god knows what as I bounced off walls and floors as all hell broke lose. I did try FFA, but it's not something I can recommend.


Download Here (369Kb)
Author Site
Reviewed : 15/11/2000

#1 good review
by Kayin 15/11/2000 - 17:17:24 (
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reamed it just like i hoped you would. this map deserves it. =P

my first, btw.

#2 Peej's?
by GrindSpire 16/11/2000 - 02:59:23 (
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Surely it is Fingers' IKBase set...

/me slaps Paul

#3 Well...
by Paul 16/11/2000 - 05:26:06 ( Refers to post #2
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The Ikbase texture set is done by Iikka, but as far as I know the dark variation on it was done by Peej. Maybe I'm wrong, but the first time I saw it used anywhere was in Peej's strafin maps.

Someone will no doubt prove me wrong :).

Also, where are your auhdm1/klzvob reviews???

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