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Safe1 - Instant Impact (2 to 4)
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Golden oldie this map and for some reason I missed it first time around. /me slaps myself. So it's like ztndm3 and rpdm7 style wise, but has much more in common with ztndm3. It's compact and tight in spots but for some reason is never restrictive. I never got the feeling of being blocked in or cornered anywhere.

The layout is made up of two small atriums both with teleporters on their ground floors and also both engulfed with multiple exit routes. Which should give you a good idea how well connected this map is. There are no dead ends, nothing to get stuck on.

Essentially, it's not visually brilliant, just competent enough that nothing sticks out or looks out of place. It is however, brilliant to play. The aforementioned connectivity is the key for that but coupled with some excellent item placement to make it even better. My only niggle would be the MH positioning but a strafe jump will get it for you so I suppose its not that bad :).


Download Here (178Kb)
Omicron Bot Route File
Author Site
Reviewed : 15/11/2000

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