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Fried Potatoes and Pineapples (1-on-1, 3-4 ffa)
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Extra Note (04/12/2000) : Kayin has gone back to this map and changed some items which were mentioned in the original review.

The lighting has been adjusted and brightened and part of the maps layout has been widened. They do help to improve the map but the changes are not sufficient enough to warrant it being re-reviewed, but have been noted here since the download url is to the new version of the map.

Original Review : Whilst the maps title gives me a queasy stomach (if it had been Potatoes and Cheese then it would a difference matter), the actual map does not. It also makes a pleasant change for an author to come along with something cool looking.

Basically what you see in the screen shots is what you get. There is a huge metal construction held up by a big ass steel support that looms up above a small sized arena, which all appears to float in the sky. As such falling off the map is something you'll learn not to do often.

Rorshach's jackboot texture set is used and the effect is something that is suitably gloomy and grimy. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about the lighting, which is somewhat lacking and looks too flat.

I found that the right hand side of the lower area layout could be opened out a tad so it's easier to navigate around since its just one block wide, but other than that its easy to move about. There are a couple of teleporters in there that juggle you about between the two areas.

Peeps wise, 1-on-1 is good against a human opponent since its too easy to kick the bots ass. FFAing it with the bots however, is much more entertaining.


Download Here (381Kb)
Omicron Bot Route File
Author Site
Reviewed : 04/12/2000

#1 Argh!
by Deathmonger 28/10/2000 - 16:50:26 (
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Awesome looks, nule playability. Not even a 2.5 IMHO.


#2 I liked it!
by BlackPope 28/10/2000 - 19:34:26 (
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If a map looks cool I find I enjoy it on so many more levels... only tried 1on1 but had a blast...very unique feel... I would have liked to see maybe a small 1on1 pak in this style...say 3 or 4 maps like this woulda been great! *hint hint kayin* :)

#3 *sniff*
by Kayin 08/11/2000 - 10:15:24 (
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deathmonger = ass

i wished to add another room for rl and add water, more of ror's propaganda posters... but r_speeds kept me from it. didn't want to release another greyflash bastard map like nowhere to run...

thx pope, i was thinking of trying again with a different design (not so spacey)

#4 Original
by Rotpig 05/12/2000 - 09:33:35 (
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Great map for a duel. Very different to most maps and with a lot of thought to the design. More than meets the eye... 3.5 stars that Kayin should be proud of. I know I would be...

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