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Kdm2 - The Killing Jar (4 to 16)
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Textures from Rubicon decorate this piece, whose setting is a toxic waste plant.

Unless you play the map with Scourge Of Armagon you will get a heap of error messages for missing entities. The net effect on the map is nil because its simply for fans and other effects, but its still annoying, especially since its just a special effect for Kell's signature room! Which, incidentally, is pretty cool looking and doesn't require genius status to find it.

Whilst initial presence of the scattering of bio-suits is worrying they are unfortunately required kit if you're going to get kitted up. Both the RA and RL reside in the gunk-ridden pipes that under run the map.

If you looking for captivating bot play then look else where, as we all know how code created friends love all things wet and happily dive in and gib themselves to death…

And unfortunately for this review I've not had chance to play it against human players, so I've given it the benefit of the doubt here and credited it with being ok against more intelligent opposition. The map is actually room based for the most part so there no really need to go swimming. It is a big map so big numbers are needed, 4 is the bare minimum! 8 is warm, but 12+ is sizzling.

What was most interesting was that the best bits of the architecture in the map sat up in the upper areas of the atriums and rooms. Huge block cylinders and slanted metal panels all joining together. The actual walls and floors though are very simple and flat.


Download Here (562Kb)
Author Site
Reviewed : 05/11/2000

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