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Kdm1 - Animositania (2 to 4)
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Basing a map of one of id's efforts always manages to naff me off. I'm very biased on this because I hate the original maps to start off with so any sort of homage to their maps isn't well received. Nevertheless I have tried my best to ignore that. You will though have bouts of déjà vu because some sections are dead ringers for the original map.

The most obvious different is the switch in colours, no moody blues here but rustic reds and oranges with blood red water sections, which is non-toxic. The architecture is a copy of the id style with the criss-cross millimetre thick roof and wall bars.

The old pentagram shadow is splayed across the floor of the maps central room. The RA is hidden away in altar style room that is accessible via blasting a hit switch located in the heavens. Entering this room triggers the floor in the aforementioned pentagram room floor to drift apart to give way to a room with teleporter and pentagram of protection funnily enough.

There are a couple of trigger switches (hint red floor) which let off wall mounted nail guns. An annoyance if they kill you when you're low on health, but it just makes you think about what you're doing a little more.

There is a nice lake of blood in one particular section of the maps which the bots take a liking to paddling in so its easy to get a few spawny kills by dropping 'nades in there. Playwise, well until you have the layout noted down its best to go with FFA. Once you know the quick routes around then 1-on-1 is good.


Download Here (391Kb)
Author Site
Reviewed : 05/11/2000

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