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Main Core (1-on-1)
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Following in the tracks, style wise, of Headshot's last maps (excluding Dead Bodies everywhere) you have something that looks instantly familiar. Qurnel's take on this is a compact 3-layered atrium with a network of lifts and teleporters transporting you about. A star covered sky breezes across the top giving the map a night time setting. Flood and spotlights are out in force but it all seems a little too dark, with lots of shadowy and overly dark areas.

Navigating around the map isn't quite so easy because essentially each level (from above the ground level) appears to be cut off and for me at least, working out where to go was a bit disconcerting. It should also be noted that the only way to get the MH and other goodies is by first getting to the top level then jumping across (but theres also a spawn spot there as well). That isn't hard, but the bots don't half make a meal of it.

Both RA and one of the two YA's resides in troughs of water in the lower levels of the map so working out someone's position is relatively straightforward. That said the RA is on a ledge that you need to jump up onto which can be annoying if you really need that armour.

The maps disconnected layout does make play difficult to start with and isn't helped too much with the light sprinkling of weapons and in some cases, out of the way placement. Even when things get going you've got to be pretty much on the ball all the time against a skilled player. FFA is workable but I certainly wouldn't recommend it.


Download Here (273Kb)
Author Site
Reviewed : 28/10/2000

#1 Vertical connection
by Fat Controller 28/10/2000 - 23:19:53 (
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I've had a nosey around this map, and I can assure you that there are more ways to go up than teleports! There are a few (too damn few) platforms in out of the way spots. I myself had to search quite a while before I found them all.

#2 Nice map
by Speed_it_up 28/10/2000 - 23:44:54 (
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I even played it ! Underrated

#3 Very Good!
by Deathmonger 29/10/2000 - 00:42:08 (
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I played this one against bots and humans, and found it out to be a very good, well balanced, correct floor use maps! The looks are also PERFECT and the little swamp areas make the map even better since you can hear others accessing those areas.

Great Job, Deathmonger.

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