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Halls of the White Wizard (4-8)
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Back to old school original Quake textures for this piece from Tronyn. The setting is all in doors, with emphasis on a mix of shallow slime ridden caverns and open grey/brown stone chambers with dry floors.

Architecture for the most part is well executed what with wooden beams lining walls and ceilings and the stone trim inlays apparent in the gaps between floors, and other cool looking bits and pieces. The odd bits for me where the weird shaped openings in some of the roofs, which looked very out of place, given the attention to detail already given to other areas.

The central section of the map is very open with upper layers held up by wood cross bars and stone supports. Gaps in these supports drop down into the water closed sections.

Trundling around in the water sections isn't hazardous and with there being so many exits out it is very hard to spot where a player comes out. It almost most be pointed out that the water is transparent, which makes a nice change :).

The RL placement is a little off the beaten track and you'll have to deliberately head for it if you want it. The same goes for the YA. To get at it you have to go through a teleporter in the sewer area which drops you onto the a suspended platform. You could always rjump/gjump up but I don't think its particularly worth the effort.

It is a big map, so teamplay and FFA is going to be your best bet to keep things moving.


Download Here (434Kb)
Author Site
Reviewed : 05/11/2000

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