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Painful Memories (2 - 4)
Comments (5) Go to top of page  
Auhsan has recently made some highly acclaimed maps for Quake III Arena, however, he has made also made some equally good maps for Quake and it is the last of these that I am looking at today. The level has an amazing sense of place, it really feels like you are inside of a cathedral of some kind with imposing ceilings and supports. It is an impressive level just to walk around, let alone play.

The level is made up of a series of very well connected rooms. I canít really call them atriums, as they feel too real. The rooms remind me off every semi-ruined castle or abbey I have ever visited. The connections are made by a series of both wide and narrow corridors, allowing for two different styles of fighting in the corridors. There are also three teleporters that send you flying round the map only to emerge right on top of some important item.

The map plays as good as it looks. 1on1 was good fun with some great rocket duels. My personal favourite was a 3 player FFA that turned into one of the best games I have had for a while. Adding in another bot was a bit much though and spawn frags became bit too common, you may enjoy this style of play however so give it a go, but definitely no more than four players, after that it is far too much.

On thing that I feel deserves mention is the bot play. The bots play this map brilliantly, the routing is really well done and the bots play the map 100% with the route installed.


Download Here (344Kb)
Omicron Bot Route File
Author Site
Reviewed : 16/10/2000

#1 eheheh
by Scampie 16/10/2000 - 18:43:25 (
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wow, I downloaded this one last night just before going to bed. Goof thing you reviewed it, I would have forgotten to go look... doing that now

(can you tell I'm trying to get firsties? on the news and the reviews? =)

#2 hmm...
by Scampie 17/10/2000 - 18:28:09 (
Go to top of page  
The map looks awesome and has a good layout... it just feels tight at times IMO.

#3 uhm...
by Auhsan 18/10/2000 - 07:09:21 (
Go to top of page  
Actually, it feels tight mainly in some point of every area. It was made on the fly, without much planning...

#4 gee... rocks!
by excessus 18/10/2000 - 18:31:17 (
Go to top of page  
Auhsan... where have you been all this time? This map ROCKS! Definately my kind of cake...

#5 Nice
by GibFest 22/10/2000 - 09:14:38 (
Go to top of page  
I love this map it looks soo nice

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