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The Forgotten (3 to 6)
Comments (4) Go to top of page  
Green, slimy metal, curved walls, huge arches, Q3 stylee. Auhsan arrived in style.

The architecture clings to a particular style and doesn't let go. Green, slimy, stained metal virtually reeks of algae beneath a dreary greenish sky. Two vast side-by-side halls offer both cover and slaughter opportunities, being capped at each end by smaller atria holding goodies.

On slower machines you may experience the dreaded GreyFlash like I did sometimes. Don't let it get you, however. It only seems to occur in one out-of-the-way area very briefly.

Gameplay is fun all the way. The tall halls offer plenty of opportunity for DFA and general mayhem, and since teleports play a major role in moving around situations tend to change very quickly.

Yeah, I'd recommend this one.

Fat Controller

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Reviewed : 23/11/2000

#1 Me like...
by DaZ 23/11/2000 - 14:07:32 (
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Reminds me of Dranzdm6 but more enclosed and green. Auhsan seems to have a thing about green at the moment. Not to worry cos this map is amazing to play. Keep up the good work Auhsan!

#2 organised chaos
by Drannerz 24/11/2000 - 15:28:00 (
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i reckon you've average lifespan on this map is about 15 seconds against skill 2 bots. it's gotta be the fastest gameplay i've ever seen. playing is instinctive rather than tactical - which i like - The only way to do well on this map is grab the nearest gun and get stuck in. It sorts out the real players from the campers.

Nice work Auhsan.

Drannerz 8]

#3 3.5 is not enuff!
by Rotpig 26/11/2000 - 20:39:14 (
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I played this map against a range of different skilled omibots and found that no matter the skill, the map played like a beastie. The 3d element is awesome (i'm envious cos I often can't include good 3d gameplay in my maps!) Also, the lack of symmetry makes the level easy to learn and the connectivity is great. Just wish I could make em like this... :) Nice, Auhsan.

#4 c'mon, 4.5/5 at the least!
by XeNoN 12/12/2000 - 17:42:21 (
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Excellent. One of the best DM maps ever. Keep it up!

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