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Solar Plexus (2 - 4)
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Solar Plexus is the latest creation from that man we all know and love, well, GrindSpire. I felt this was a big improvement over his previous creations; there has been more thought put into the layout and design of the map this time around.

This is map that I felt was oozing with great game play and only lacking in the visuals department. I feel as if more time could have been spent on such things as the texture set; there seemed to be lack of contrast present throughout the map, only making some walls/areas look bland at times. But overall, the texture selection was fine; I really do dig the theme, which was of a rusty/sewage sort. There were also some nice touches like for example the title of the map imbedded on one of the walls, also having metallic pipes around the walls helped take the blandness off most areas. Some of the lighting also played a part in this too.

I also felt as if the architecture could have been better; at times it seemed quite blocky and chunky. But it did however give off the impression of a very solid building structure with the help of the corroded texture set. I was really only let down with some of the uninteresting corridors, very flat and squared – simply rushed. But I guess when a map plays this good we’re not that interested in small details like this.

As for how the map plays, well just great in my opinion. There’s a strong vertical presence within this map spanning 3 main floor levels, which really does make playing in this map gripping with a good player load. There are 3 main playing areas, which are made easily accessible by simply using the corridors or one of the many-many teleporters at hand, this helps speed up game play and really makes the map unpredictable to play. So basically, you should find most battles commencing from a vertical angle with Solar Plexus.

This is by far the best thing to come from GrindSpire to date; it is defiantly worth checking out boys and girls. The layout may take a while to get used to, but make very good use of the teleporters to confuse your opponent. So what you waiting for - Download already.

Thanks go to Yogi for reviewing my map for me, as it would be unfair for me to review it myself. You da man!


Download Here (356Kb)
Omicron Bot Route File
Author Site
Reviewed : 15/10/2000

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