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Ruby Midnight (2 - 6)
Comments (3) Go to top of page  
Gilt is a new mapper and this is only his second release, and his first as he puts it, as a mapper making maps rather than a gamer making maps. And a fine mapper he is too.

The layout consists of two main atriums with corridors running between them, one of these corridors is an underwater tunnel, which runs down from the bottom of the flooded main atrium and emerges about half way to the second atrium. These then links into the other corridors running between the two atriums. The majority of the corridors are passages carved through the rock that the entire level appears to be set in. There is also a smaller more vertical room that links the top corridor with the ground floor cave style tunnels. This has a ledge on the opposite side to the top floor window that is a good site for campers as there is a mega health situated below it. The second atrium contains a one way teleporter that transports you into the first atrium. The second atrium is along with the smaller room, the only area in the map that the sky is visible form, further adding to the feel of a base set into the side of a mountain.

The items are nicely placed with the weapons in strategic places. The grenade launcher is high up to take advantage of its strengths and there is a rocket launcher placed at the bottom of each atrium in order to draw players towards them and to provide interesting fights. The lightning gun is placed next to the entrance to the underwater tunnel, meaning that if you arenít careful you could end up discharging into the water and ending up as a pile of gibs. This can be used to your advantage when facing a stronger opponent, just lure them into the water and then splat, youíre equal again. The mega health is placed at the bottom of the smaller room making this slightly more frequented than it otherwise would have been. Unfortunately the ledge above the mega health encourages campers but a rocket from the window above can soon discourage them. Ammo and health are well placed with neither being too plentiful but not so scarce that you end up having axe fights (unless you like that sort of thing). The armour is placed with the yellow and red armours in the two atriums and the green armour out of the way in the corridors. This means that you canít just run away and get fully stocked up, to get the better armours you have to stay in the thick of the action.

The texturing on the map is very well done and really feel like you are underground in some kind of base. The architecture also deserves a mention as it is amazing, throughout the corridors you feel hemmed in by the rocks around you and the main atriums look amazing. Whether itís the tall, bulky styles of the first atrium towering above you or the curvier, more open styles of the second atrium. Either way it is very good, I canít wait to see more of this guyís style. It really makes you feel like you are there.

The lighting is the one thing that lets this map down. It is just too dark, especially in the first atrium. If you are playing in glquake without any gamma correction then you have a major problem. And I mean major, you will have to try very hard to get any frags and even against someone of the same skill as you, you will get trashed.

Overall a very good map that is just let down by its lighting, but itís only the guys second map, so go download it already. And I really want to see more from this author.


Download Here (335Kb)
Reviewed : 15/10/2000

#1 defianately worth more than 3.5
by Tron 16/10/2000 - 06:46:31 (
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This map is beautiful, I love this kind of underground stuff though so maybe that's sort of biased me...

#2 very nice!
by excessus 18/10/2000 - 18:43:22 (
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3.5 looks somewhat shorter for me too... this level has a special feeling attached to it which is really hard to achieve.

#3 More Than 3.5
by GibFest 22/10/2000 - 09:31:36 (
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Definatly worth a lil more but it seemed to be really dark on my comp dunno why.

Anyway a real nice map.

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