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Dies Irae (2 - 5)
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Warm reds and cool blues combine with beautifully curved architecture and styling reminiscent of DaPak in this new map by NotoriousRay.

The map consists of two main atriums and a couple of smaller rooms connected together by various corridors and air lifts. It has pools of lava on either side of the main path in the atriums, providing an additional danger during heated matches. Curves are used well, giving the map a very nice architectural style. Despite only having two floors the map has a definite vertical element. This is because of the ‘half floors’ that NotoriousRay has put in, these are raised areas that provide a slight height advantage to the person standing on them as well as adding more interest to the architecture. The atriums themselves are shaped as elongated circles with a ring running round the edge the top as a second layer. This floor also has raised areas, which makes a nice change from levels where the upper floors are always the same height. The best examples of this are the Quad area, where you have to take the upper path to reach the Quad without a rocket jump. And the atrium with the super nailgun and the rocket launcher in it, where the top ring is raised halfway round, providing a better position for whoever is up there.

The items are well set out with good positioning of all the weapons. The grenade launcher is up high so that you can rain death on your opponents. There are multiples of the rocket launcher and lightning gun, meaning that it is easy for everyone to get tooled up. I really like the placement of the Mega Health, it is placed so you have to jump to it from next to one of the teleporters or walk along a narrow ledge. This is a good place for it as the presence of the teleporter makes it harder to reach without going through the teleporter, and if you go along the ledge then you are left exposed to a lucky rocket. Ammo and health aren’t a problem with plenty of each available for you to grab.

The level is textured in warm reds for the walls and floors along with the areas of lava. This warmth is contrasted by the cool, blue, strip lighting that is present on both the walls and the floor, as well as the teleporter edges. The teleporters deserve a special mention as they are a very interesting shape and they make a change from the ‘A’ frame teleporters that are used in most DaPak styled maps. I have heard various people saying that they think the lights look out of place due to the contrasting blue against the reds of the rest level. Personally I really like the contrast and I think that it definitely gives the map a nice theme.

The lighting is a bit bland in my opinion and lets the rest of the map down. There aren’t really any defined shadows and the map feels a bit bright. Luckily this doesn’t affect the great gameplay and the map still plays well in 3 – 5 player FFAs or 1on1. My personal favourite is a 3 player FFA with DeathMatch 1.


Download Here (239Kb)
Omicron Bot Route File
Author Site
Reviewed : 15/10/2000

#1 eh!
by NotoriousRay 15/10/2000 - 21:59:39 (
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4 out of 5! W T F?!

err j/k at this rate i'll need 2 more maps before i get the elusive 5 of 5

#2 Hehehe.
by Paul 19/10/2000 - 19:41:21 ( Refers to post #1
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It doesn't exactly work like that :).

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