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Esprit de Corpse (2 - 5)
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Excessus has been mapping for a while now, but this is only his fifth map to be released (that he will admit to anyway :-). This is his most recent level and it is very good. The level seems to be set in some kind of ancient stone temple hewn from the rock. The textures are drawn from a number of sources including some from the Quake III Arena test and some used by Kickin in his level Lost Palace.

The level plays very well with a few bots thrown into the mix. The level is a bit too small for 1on1 play, when I only had a single bot in there it seemed to be a case of the occasional scuffle followed by long periods of running around. Add another player though and it is a whole new story, fast and furious fire fights with only short periods of rest in between. Push it up to a 4 player FFA and you have the perfect mix. Fast action, little rest and lots of good clean fun.

One of main worries on originally looking around the map was the fact that the red armour, rocket launcher, quad and mega health were all fairly close together. However, once I started playing I found both myself and the bots roaming the level looking for a fight. Although, having said that I feel the map could have been improved by switching the lightning gun, which sits on a small ledge across some lava, with the mega health, which is much easier to reach. As it is the lightning gun is rarely used as it isnít a big enough draw to risk a rocket jump over lava in an exposed corridor.

There are some nice sound cues in this map, the main one being the sound of a teleporter followed by someone picking up armour. I got several frags by hearing this combination and then jumping down the stairs to meet an opponent coming up. The teleporters were the cause of my one bot problem. The bots seemed to go back and forth through the teleporters several times before moving on. They never did it for long though, and it is only a minor point. The one other problem with the teleporters is that emerging from one slams you into a wall, not a nice experience.


Download Here (563Kb)
Omicron Bot Route File
Author Site
Reviewed : 16/10/2000

#1 hmm...
by Scampie 16/10/2000 - 18:39:43 (
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where are the 'pre-ex' excessive maps? i would love to look at them just for the fun of it.

I loved this level when i first grabbed it... but reformatted my HD shortly after so i really didn't get much of a good look. I just remember i thought it played well and it looked ok. I wasn't too fond of the architecture, too minimalistic as i can recall. But I'm about to redownload it and play it and maybe comment again in a few.

#2 err
by Mr Fribbles 16/10/2000 - 21:02:44 (
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You don't have to rocket jump to the LG. You can jump to it easily from 2 places; either a ramp jump off the walkway nearby, or jump around the corner from the top of the stairs.

#3 hmm x 2
by Mr Fribbles 16/10/2000 - 21:15:43 (
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I also just had a go and realised you can easily do a normal jump from the LOW part of the walkway, directly to the LG.

So again I am wondering why the smeg you'd say "As it is the lightning gun is rarely used as it isnít a big enough draw to risk a rocket jump over lava in an exposed corridor."

#4 Frib beat me to it.
by Shambler 17/10/2000 - 13:06:45 (
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#5 WOW!
by YaZoR 18/10/2000 - 06:50:06 (
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frickin awesome level i think. and i only jus read the review after playing it, ha ha, "need to rocket jump for the LG" i think not!

#6 pre-excessive maps
by excessus 18/10/2000 - 18:22:20 (
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I doubt someone knows about the "pre-excessive" maps Scampie pointed out, so I am finally telling just to allow you to laugh you ass off. They are called dma1 thru dma13 and they can be found here:

I think dma1 to dma4 are in the "compilations" directory rather than in deathmatch, and the file is called

Have fun! :P

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