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Efdm12 - Death by the Dozen (6 to 12)
Comments (10) Go to top of page  
No guesses for what I think of this map. It's in the site logo for a start! Basically I love high tech style maps. It simply looks good. The detail and intricacy in the textures already gives the map a head start in that respect. The architecture is very strong and sturdy. It juts and moves about in varying directions from very angular to curved. It is actually very hard to explain just how good it all looks.

The layout also differs from Fribs last two small sized maps. This time the setting is on a much grander scale and there are several distinct areas (although there only 4 main sections, it seems like more) making the map suitable for large FFA's or 5v5+ teamplay games. Connectivity is king here with every area offering more than enough exits and escape routes, not that you should need them :).

Getting yourself armed shouldn't present you with a problem. There is more than amble weaponry and ammunition. The strong weapons do most of the damage here with the lower ranked taking a back seat.

Movement is effortless and is this compounded by the bots excellent navigation. They don't head out into the rocky outside area, mentioned in more detail below, but they seem to get around everywhere else!

The lighting is amazing given the maps almost colourless completion. There are very obvious changes in light and dark. Shadows are easily apparent against the bright beaming lights. Maybe it is because of the grey setting it shows up so well.

Those of you who do manage to venture outside (in the maps only outdoor section) will be presented with a Pentagram of Protection and if you look a little further, a fish textured switch, something common in his recent maps. More power ups are present with the Ring of Shadows perched on a window ledge and the Quad damage is a merge, albeit well timed, rjump away.


Download Here (526Kb)
Omicron Bot Route File
Mr Fribbles
Author Site
Reviewed : 18/10/2000

#1 double value
by excessus 18/10/2000 - 18:37:15 (
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Mr. Fribbles maps are always a guarantee of instant fun and long-term gameplay, but in my opinion, this one has some very, very nice spots where architecture really enlighten the overall feeling of the level; and MPQ guys, screenshots showns here are not fair!

#2 supremo
by BlackPope 18/10/2000 - 19:52:15 (
Go to top of page  
This is one of my favourite levels... I have no bitches about it at all...'cept maybe due to my retardness I couldn't find the outdoor area for quite sometime... If you don't have this map on your HD yet you are missing out on something extravagant BP

#3 ...
by wrath 18/10/2000 - 20:56:03 (
Go to top of page  
my only complaint is that I constantly feel like I'm in a maze when playing this one. perhaps it's just electric gold-fish memory, but I never know where the fuck I'm gonna come out when I run through a passage or whatever...

#4 great map.
by tron 20/10/2000 - 05:10:59 (
Go to top of page  
Looks great, plays great, is great.

#5 Excellent
by GibFest 22/10/2000 - 08:39:28 (
Go to top of page  
I reviewed this on my last site that I had and I absolutely loved it, it's great for some big teamplay action or just a massive FFA, whatever you like just download this map it rocks.

#6 It flat out owns me, this map...
by Bilirubin 07/11/2000 - 12:05:49 (
Go to top of page  
and no other gets as many comments from players on my server. Well done!

#7 I kiss your feet Frib
by DaZ 20/02/2001 - 23:18:39 (
Go to top of page  
Damn this map just well and truely 0wnz. if there is one map that defines "flawless Dm play" then this is it. Well done Mr Fribbles...

#8 /me bows in reverence
by Amrik 21/07/2001 - 20:51:39 (
Go to top of page  
seems that fish button is becoming very popular. Good stuff frib!

#10 Genius
by Ashley Lauren 19/08/2001 - 15:49:31 (
Go to top of page  
This map is a true work of art !
I've long been a fan of the Electric Fish Deathmatch Series and this wraps up the series nicely ! Thanks for all the excellent maps over the years Frib !

#11 Electric fish rocks my world
by sypher 18/01/2002 - 09:56:30 (
Go to top of page  
This maps awesome dude, i am only a poor guy at one end of a 33.6 (i know, i know) but with bots and on our net at work, this map kicks ass.

Respect to the almighty architectural skills of the invisible fish!

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