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Naked6 - Gay Weather Balloon (3 to 6)
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Gandhi's later map follows in the q3a trend we had for washed out coloured maps. Architecturally more richer than previous offering of the same style I can't help somehow thinking that something is missing. I remember seeing a beta of the map ages ago when it had an outdoor section much like ProdigyXL's Genocide map. Now though, the map is set entirely indoors. Getting back on track, the finer details in the architecture aren't really there, its more the scale and vast, airy size of the atriums. Not very apparent if you're floor hugger but just tilting your mouse back will show you what I mean. Big angular spikes jut out of the upper walls as they point up to the drifting purple sky above.

So onto how it plays. 1-on-1 is a possibility but can be slow and ponderous. That said due to maps connectivity you can easily hear and work out where your opponent is.

FFA seems to be the primary method of play what with the very open layout the map has. The wide and flat size of the atriums makes for dodging and strafing style attacks as barrages of lightning bolts, grenades and rockets fly about.


Download Here (360Kb)
Omicron Bot Route File
Author Site
Reviewed : 15/10/2000

#1 what a pity
by excessus 28/04/2001 - 19:59:20 (
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its a shame that the beta1 of this map was far much cooler than this actual release. I have it on my hard-disk and I still play it regularly, while the final release falls way beyond my taste. Get beta1 "hello sailor" if you have the chance!

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