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UKPAK8 - Vicious Companions (4 on 4)
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Hmmmm... Curvy. Thats one of the things which stands out from this map. You'll notice that in shots one and three. Corridors curve round instead of suddenly turning at 45 degrees. Its a refreshing and pleasant change and makes a good map to end the pak with =).

With all those curves though you'd think texture alignment could be a problem. Not so. Its spot on. Theres some booming mechanical sounds in there with the usual sound effects. In some spots it was silent but to be honest these silent areas were just in corridors so I wouldn't expect any sound.

The detail level is pretty high throughout. Its layout is pretty simple and I had it down quickly. I found it easy to get going on this map and that always helps to make the map more fun. Play flowed pretty well. The problem I had was with ammo. At time I didn't have very much. This changed the game slightly. Instead of blasting away hoping to cause some damage, you have to more precise with where you fire. So taking a more precise approach gave way to a very enjoyable game.

The 4 on 4 load is the one to go with. For a frag fest just try a few more players. The extra back packs lying around makes a difference.


Download Here (3600Kb)
Biggus aka Paul Cowell
Reviewed : 01/03/1999

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