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UKPAK5 - Oragnized Crime (4 on 4)
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As you'll see in the interview with Peej below, he certainly has made this map feel like one of his maps. Its very reminiscent of the Strafin series. A fairly big level by Peej standards, but a fairly compact map when compared to the rest of the pak. This is my favourite map. I just love the style of it.

The layout is interesting. You have 4 multi layered rooms which are all well connected. What I like though is the underground corridors which have curved ceilings.

It looks like the UKPAK textures have been modified to fit in with the map, and not the other way round. Which is cool. Speaking of textures, the little campsite signs look out of place. Theres also a couple of lighting problems, odd black spots for no apparent reason. Thing is though, Peej does know about these.

Placement of environmental sounds is good. Theres a wide variety from the usual to buzzing and beeping computers. Also lighting is well done. Bright neon lights spray light across floors and walls.

I did try 4 on 4 but took a real beating. 3 on 3 was much better. What was different from most of the other maps in the pack was that I didn't spent my time wandering and pondering as to where the hell everyone was. I was always in the thick of it, kicking the crap out of everything, including my own team mates. Oops!


Download Here (3600Kb)
Peej aka Paul James
Reviewed : 01/03/1999

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