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Discordant Harmony (2 - 5)
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GrindSpire's latest piece is an intriguing King Pin clad piece. Added into the mix are some of the stylings found in Gomdm2. Lighting is almost all provided by wall-mounted lights what with the maps nighttime setting.

The layout is a bit spawning with a couple of long straight passages with attached side alcoves that provide for some excellent action. You can be running down a corridor to be attacked by a couple of rockets, so ducking out into an alcove will give you the cover you need, but you can then strafe in and out rippling rockets back to stop the attack.

1 large and 1 medium sized atriums make up the bulk of the map, with assorted corridors and alcoves making up the rest of the map.

Don't think for a second though that going through a teleporter will put you safe. Far from it, GrindSpire's evil teleporter placement is such that the exits are all in the same atrium. So, for example, leaping through the middle TP will just drop you out onto the ground floor so that anyone above can still get you! There is also a teleporter exit that could have been better placed. On the upper floor of the largest atrium you come out almost facing a wall and a sharp turn to the left once gave me a nice surprise. The Tick had aimed a rocket straight for my head. *Gibbed*

Item placement could be better in some areas. The MH is perched up high where is would have been wiser to put it somewhere on the ground floor.

Action-wise you're looking at 1-on-1 really. It is certainly big enough for more but I couldn't get to grips with it.


Download Here (248Kb)
Omicron Bot Route File
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Reviewed : 15/10/2000

#1 mmmmMMmm....
by Electro 14/02/2002 - 20:33:33 (
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i like it :)

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