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Efdm11 - MaelStrom (2 to 6)
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With a slight pause of 4 days, Frib hit back with his 3rd release, MaelStrom.

Again we have an orange based map, this time applied to a space station layout. The textures once more create a nice looking level, and (unlike Tangerine Dream) this time the lighting is more subdued, allowing for something easier to look at, and also play. Opponents are easy to spot, creating a satisfying game.

Layout wise we have a very formula shaped map, in particular one very similiar to Frib's earlier maps, like efdm7 (BioHazard) and also efdm8 (Cryptosporidium). Nothing really wrong with that, but, given Frib's already mastered this type of level, I'm surprised to see him return to this style. Yes the style is enjoyable to play, and lends to very intense games, but efdm11 seems a step back after #9 and #10.

Mastering this level takes time, as it always does with this style. It's difficult to initially distinguish the areas, and the inclusion of many teleporters (I think I counted 8..) can confuse if you accidentally step through. We have 2 and 3 tiered atruims throughout, low r_speeds and fantastic connectivity. Lifts whisk you here and there, usually up 2 levels instead of just the standard 1. There are a few places that look like they should have glass (as used in efdm9), but they don't... Flow throughout is very smooth, though you do seem to get blocked here and there (most often the super-fast lifts).

It's a difficult map to grade, because it's an almost perfect conception of this style of map. With 2 players the game is a little slow, but 4 FFA is fast and frantic. Yes, this style of map is one of the most popular, but they've been done so many times before... do we need another?


Download Here (304Kb)
Mr. Fribbles
Author Site
Reviewed : 25/05/1999

#1 Yes, we do need this style map :-)
by Ashley Lauren 27/08/2001 - 20:10:04 (
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The Electric Fish Deathmatch Series is one of the most loved series on my server. They always give you a good frag-fest. This map is no exception. MaelStrom Has so many ways of out-witting your enemy... did he go left, right, up, down ? Man ! He went straight ! Love being chased by some cocky dude and then... Wham ! I'm behind him lighting him up ! LOL ! Great map Mr. Fribbles !

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