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Efdm10 - WhiteChocolateSpaceEgg (3 to 8)
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Number 2 of the Frib Threesome...

Upon loading the level your jaw drops - this is one nice looking map. Employing the Hexen2 texture set (well, some of them), and some runic architecture has produced a map with a temple theme of a quality never before seen. We have pillars, hieroglyphics, rocks, water.. basically another lovely looking map from Frib. It's quite large, with 3 main areas connected in a triangle formation by corridors, ladders and teleports. The lighting throughout is very realistic, creating shadows where you'd expect them. There's small flame-lights scattered about too, and it all helps makes the level ooze with atmosphere.

However, play wise this isn't the best map you'll see. FFA's are fast and furious, but also infuriating, because you get caught in lots of places. To create a more realistic outdoor area, Frib's made the floor undulating, which proves irratating. There are small niches to get stuck on near the pillars, the ladders seem awkward to climb in a rush, and there's a few things in the middle of the floor to catch on (mainly the RL pad inside).

Given time though you adapt to most of the sticky points, and learn to use the teleporters to escape rather than the ladders. There's no quad, but there is a good stock of weapons which are, on the whole, well placed. One of the YA's is a bit far out (down quite a long dead-end cave), and the second RL is also not going to get much attention until you've mastered the jump through the window onto the megahealth.

It's a shame that the flow is interrupted as much as it is, because with a few well placed clip's and minor brush movements, this level would have played as well as it looks.


Download Here (375Kb)
Mr. Fribbles
Author Site
Reviewed : 25/05/1999

#1 A Classic !
by Ashley Lauren 27/08/2001 - 19:57:18 (
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Really love this map ! It's such a work of art ! Just look at the attention to detail ! Look @ the paintings and engravings ! WOW ! I thought this should've gotten @ least a 4 1/2... I see Pingu's point about the sticky points but when a map looks this kewl... and you do figure out where the sticky points are rather quickly... I however bow to Pingu's review because he has made some of the best maps ever and knows far more than I about making great maps.

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