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Efdm9 - Tangerine Dream (2 to 4)
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So then.. Mr. Fribbles dissapears once again for 6 weeks, and then pops up unannounced with 3 new maps. This is the first, and the one which we all knew he was working on.

Tangerine Dream - most likely so called because the main texture used is an orange metal. The layout here is very original, based on a pipe works. Everything fits the theme beautifully, walking around you get the impression that this place could exist in real life (except for maybe all the weapons lying about). In contrast to the bright orange we have greeny acid (that doesn't hurt), blood red teleporters and light-gray rocks - and it all makes for some very nice eye-candy in deed. The architecture does it's job very well, with good connectivity, UKpak style ladders and even a few panes of glass here and there...

Playing the level is a joy too, movement is flowing, you can get away from your opponent if need be, and equally you can hunt them down. Shots can come at you from nearly anywhere, keeping you on your toes. Duels are what it feels to be made for, and a tactical game is to be had here. Quad is a little out of the way though, and it's very possible not to know it's been picked up until it's too late (like, you're in the quad pipe =). Armour and weapons are everywhere, so you can usually put up a pretty good fight right from the word go.

However there is a couple niggle. In default software mode it's practically impossible to see you opponent, as the vibrant colours distract your eye a little too much. In GL it's better, but you really need a proxy with a full-dim (not full-bright) skin to have a good fight. However, because of it's sheer originality, looks and low r_speeds, this is one map you just have to have in you collection.


Download Here (346Kb)
Mr. Fribbles
Author Site
Reviewed : 25/05/1999

#1 Cool Map !
by Ashley Lauren 19/08/2001 - 16:24:40 (
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Love it ! Has great flow and some cute tricks to it !

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